Report: Oculus Go Launching In May At F8 Conference

by David Jagneaux • March 16th, 2018

According to a report from Variety, Facebook is planning to launch the Oculus Go standalone VR headset on May 1st, during the F8 conference. Variety’s report is supported by confirmations from multiple unnamed sources. We’ve reached out to Oculus on our own for comment, but representatives declined to provide comments at this time.

The Oculus Go headset was announced at Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) last October and is set at a price point of about $200. Based on what we’ve heard, the headset will be on par with the Samsung Gear VR from a technical perspective, although it does not require a smartphone or PC at all since it’s entirely standalone. According to John Carmack, the Oculus Go will perform “significantly better” than a Galaxy S7-powered Gear VR.

Furthermore, an FCC filing seems to indicate that there could be multiple versions of the headset with different amounts of storage space, similar to modern phone models.

Despite the fact that Oculus is aiming to launch the headset soon this year, we still haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with one yet and we don’t actually know a firm launch date or list of launch titles — although there could be up to 1,000 in total. That being said, we’re eager to find out more.

When the Oculus Go does finally launch, we’ve rounded up a quick list of apps we think would really help the standalone headset shine.

Since Facebook’s head of VR and AR products and hardware, Andrew Bosworth, confirmed that F8 will be big for AR/VR, there may be some validity to this leak after all.

Update: This story has been updated twice with additional info and clarity.

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  • VR Geek

    I am just not excited about a 3DOF controller and this HMD. Maybe once it has room scale and a 6DOF controller will I be excited. Much better mobile HMDs on the horizon.

    • Walextheone

      Well not a that price point sadly

    • Except for Mirage, all other “much better mobile HMDs on the horizon” are vaporware.
      And I’m not too sure about Mirage, either.
      All I’m seeing is a lot of talk, a lot of promises, a lot of postponments,
      a lot of “coming soon”s, but zero product on the store shelf.

      • VR Geek

        I am specifically looking forward to the Qualcomm HMDs

        • Don’t. You’re only gonna set yourself up for disappointment.
          Look at the SD835 Qualcomm HMD’s. Way cool, right? Of course!
          That was almost two years ago. So where are all the 3rd party standalone HMDs …?
          Oh sure, there’s been a TON of “partnerships”, announcements & promises.
          But all that’s come out of all that BS is Lenovo’s “Mirage”.
          And being based on the dying “DaydreamVR” software platform, the Mirage is looking iffy at best.
          But can you walk into a store RIGHT NOW and buy a
          SD835 Qualcomm reference-based standalone HMD? No. You can’t.
          This will also be the case with the SD845-based ones.

  • PJ

    I don’t see the point of this. What, and who is it for?

    The Santa Cruz, could be a game changer however, depending on how it handles games and if it can run SteamVR titles

    • polysix

      I actually think the santa cruz is the no-mans-land of VR. It’s too expensive for casuals who won’t want it, and not powerful enough for people like us who want an IMPROVEMENT on rift now, not a backwards step on driving power, positioning, controller tracking (and touchpads! yuck).

      O-Go will sell to VR cinema and photo casuals and get people into VR who don’t have the phones for it. Rift etc sell for the hardcore.. PSVR in the middle. Santa Cruz if it can’t ‘beat’ PSVR on power is a dead duck, and even if it can it’s still a dead duck due to the price it’ll cost for the experience it gives.

      Rift 2 is what everyone really wants, with a wireless option.

      • Firestorm185

        Cannot wait for a standalone option with 6DOF and the option to connect to a computer for more powerful visuals while still being mobile. That’ll be the day things really kick off.

        • Firestorm185

          And whenever they do, the app you use to connect your Oculus standalone to your PC better be called Oculus Connect or they’ll be missing something huge .xD

      • PJ

        Fair point, and yes I agree with you about a wireless Rift 2.

        I’m happy with my Rift and I’ll wait for another couple of years before upgrading anyway, though I would like an official wireless adapter, Somalis to the tpcast or the upcoming vives wireless adapter

    • dk

      it’s a gearvr ….and when the sd835 is as cheap as the sd821 even the cheapest headsets will have 6dof

  • Ted Joseph

    I am actually going to purchase both the Go and the Santa Cruz. Pimax looks awesome, and there will be more options out there, but I am now hooked on the Facebook/oculus interface, and home. Hopefully Facebook ties it all in together…

  • Ted Joseph

    I am actually going to purchase both the Go and the Santa Cruz. Pimax looks awesome, and there will be more options out there, but I am now hooked on the Facebook/oculus interface, and home. Hopefully Facebook ties it all in together…

  • Mike549

    Why all this speculation about “launch titles”? Doesn’t it simply play the same apps as the Gear VR?

    • airball

      Essentially, but a common tactic to market and promote a new device would be to tie it to high-profile launch titles. It’s a valid question to ask IMO.

  • Courtney A Jeff

    This is good if you don’t have a high dollar flagship phone for the gear vr.If you do it seems like a gear vr that includes the phone.I want the lenovo mirage solo that comes out in may too.It has full positional tracking and needs no pc or phone.Praise Jesus who is my Lord and Savior.