Resident Evil 7 Takes Home Best VR Game At The Game Awards

by Jamie Feltham • December 7th, 2017

The Game Awards just announced the winner of this year’s best VR game, and Resident Evil 7 takes home the prize.

Capcom’s survival horror sequel hit PlayStation 4 last year with optional PSVR support. It’s a first-person adventure that redefined just how terrifying a Resident Evil game could be, especially in VR. Naturally, we loved it when it first released, and new content is due for release next week with a Gold Edition.

The awards themselves were user-voted.

The game was up against some stiff competition. Other nominees in this year’s awards included Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and the excellent Superhot VR.

What's your reaction?
  • ivan

    I can’t even call it proper VR game, as it doesn’t have motion support

    Clearly it won only because of popularity of the franchise

    • Mike Hamner

      Motion support? do you mean move support? your wording tells me you likely don’t have a psvr and so probably don’t really know what your talking about. this game is great VR. I would put it just under skyrim.

      • Timotheous

        By the same token, how many people haven’t played Robo Recall, or Lone Echo or From Other Suns or other great PC VR games. RE7 is a gamepad game with VR and head tracking pasted on and *motion controller support* (because its not just PSVR and PS Move out there) is integral to the VR experience.

      • David D. Taylor

        That’s like saying they haven’t played the Oculus because its touch controls, not motion controls… Or it’s wand support, or vive support, not motion… Motion support to me means motion support… a controller that uses motion to interact with the VR environment. If you actually think about it, motion support is closer to ‘move’ than it is ‘touch’ or ‘wand’.

        Just sayin’… If you’re gonna be nitpicky about someone’s opinion, then the above is just as valid…

        • Mike Hamner

          Just saying somebody who says motion support and not move support likely isn’t playing psvr so likely hasn’t played re7 in vr as it’s a psvr exclusive therefore doesn’t know what they are talking about. I couldnt care less about the terminalogy, I understand it’s all motion controllers. It’s just the terminolagy used tells me about the person’s point of view. In many games lack of move controller support really hurts immersion but that’s not the case with re7 and it has great immersion therefore it’s a exelent vr game. It’s about the emersion not what controller used

      • ivan

        Gaming with gamepad feels like absolute shit in VR.
        Probably you didn’t play proper VR games.

  • gothicvillas

    most importantly – when its coming to PC???

  • wow, how much did Sony pay for this award?

  • Gordon Westbroek

    Wow, harsh comments that definitely don’t mirror my experience. Still everyone is entitled to their subjective opinion. Mine is that this is the best VR horror experience for me hands down and as someone who has played dozens of VR titles across the 3 main platforms, I would put this in my top 10, its amazingly immersive.

    • Rothgarr

      No matter what game won someone will always be unhappy with the result. And I agree about it being the best horror experience. For me it’s the best overall VR experience that I’ve tried period.

    • Bundy

      Definitely not mine. I wouldn’t even have put it in my top 10.

      • Gordon Westbroek

        Fair enough Bundy, but what was your reasoning for it impacting you so poorly? I run a VR youtube channel and so from a VR enthusiast point of view im just curious 🙂 again of course opinions will vary but yours and mine are like polar opposite lol.

        • Bundy

          It felt like a half measure. Compared to games designed for VR with proper room scale and proper controller support it feels limited and just comes up short. The game in general is fine, a nice scary horror game. But as far as VR games go, this one just made me dizzy. Maybe it’s the best PS VR game, but I’ve played better on the Rift/Vive.

          • Gordon Westbroek

            Thanks, and appreciated. Completely valid concerns. I approached this game as a seated experience as i saw it didn’t support full room scale. So maybe why I didn’t feel the locomotion was limited. For me it was a very immersive experience but I can see how if I was expecting full room scale/locomotion how that would have ruined immersion for you whereas for me truly the opposite so aye makes sense. Cheers.

  • Mane Vr

    man I love this cause this game wasn’t build solely for vr but instead a game with a vr mode and it beat out all those from the ground up vr games.. plus it’s NOT roomscale

    • Gordon Westbroek

      Agreed…it was so immersive for me that it has spoiled horror movies for me lol.

    • David D. Taylor

      I personally don’t think it beat the other titles. It’s a AAA game that every average gamer knows about, and PSVR has far more systems than Oculus and Vive. What I’m getting at is there were FAR more people who were uninformed/inexperienced in terms of the other VR titles. Say 10M people vote. Lets say 2M of those people have VR systems. Lets skew the numbers further to say that all 2M were Oculus and Vive players. That’s still 8 to 2 that have no idea what the other games are. All they see is this huge AAA game they have played or at least know of. What do you think they are going to vote for?

      • Gordon Westbroek

        David, that may be how some approached it. But for me AAA didn’t play into it at all. It was a very immersive experience and I run a VR channel and deal with content from all 3 platforms yet still enjoyed it immensely. So while some may feel as you described there are absolutely others who are informed, have played a varied amount of titles and still enjoy the game a lot.

        Even the ratio for PSVR looks great atm. 12.22 million VR games for PSVR and 2 million consoles vs 70 million ps4s and 340 million titles…same 6 games to each owner ratio for VR as for non VR.

        • David D. Taylor

          I have no doubt there are people who actually played everything and preferred RE7. I’m not saying there aren’t. I’m saying the the ratio of PSVR players to PCVR is far more. Seeing as it is a AAA title… more funding, thus better graphics, development time, marketing… it has obviously sold more than any of the other titles. There will be more people who have played only RE7, than the other titles. So there is automatically more bias from that point.

          Then you look at 3 of the nominations on PSVR… Move controllers are incredibly limiting compared to PCVR platforms, so some of the people who played those titles on PSVR will think the experience is not as good, because the PSVR can’t offer any better. Given, it’s a more educated guess, but fine.

          Then you look at the millions of people… remember, VR is still in the early stages and there are far more without than with… who haven’t played any of those titles. They look at the list, and the only thing they can relate to is a well known, AAA title. Some people might do some research, but most people will just vote with what they know. So now, we have a huge majority of votes that are NOT educated or actually based on what is truly the best VR game.

          My argument wasn’t that there were no educated votes. My argument is that there were far more uneducated votes than educated.

          Then there’s Lone Echo, which wasn’t able to be played by PSVR players. I know my opinion won’t change the results, but to me, it was thrown to RE7. I also recognize that this category wasn’t the only one to suffer from this type of voting. It’s what naturally happens when voting is opened in this way to the public.

        • Dave Pulver

          “I run a vr channel so I’m more qualified”


          David is right. Remove the VR component from the game and what really changes. Not much because the game wasn’t designed for VR. It was tacked on to move units. It worked. Sadly. That made it more popular with the general masses.

          PC users can get the same experience via Vorpx with the game. The difference is most of us wouldn’t play it without real motion control support that even the PSVR lacks… again because of the aforementioned shoehorning.

          The real question is honestly: Would the game be better with full and proper VR implementation? If you answered no, you’re lying to yourself.

  • David D. Taylor

    I feel the only reason this won was because out of all the voters, the majority of them don’t own VR, or are limited to PSVR. They look at the list, and all they see in the nominations a AAA game they’ve either played normally, or at least know of because it’s AAA. Basically, it won because it’s a AAA game. If you HAD to have played all the titles, or at least own a VR headset, to vote, I think the results would have been much better.

    I’m happy that PSVR is pushing the industry forward with sales, but I’m sad that THAT is the experience so many have to have.

  • impurekind

    They really need to add some form of [optional] “tunneling” whenever game lets you play with full motion in VR. As per usual, I point SPECIFICALLY to Google’s method of implementing tunneling in its Google Earth VR as a nigh-on ideal way of implementing this feature to genuinely avoid pretty much all motion sickness while providing a great solution for moving around freely in first person VR games (and it would surely work in over-the-shoulder third person games too).

  • Nathan Maxtro

    Good news for PC gamers, Sony’s one year of PAID VR exclusivity is going to end in one month.

  • SpideyRules

    RE7 is the reason I got PSVR in the first place, and I’ve never regretted it since…

  • Jim P

    I’ll play it as long as it upgrades its hand movement for touch.

  • Jim P

    Event Horizon should have one something.