Resident Evil 7’s Not A Hero Expansion Finally Dated, Gold Edition Announced

by Jamie Feltham • September 5th, 2017

Update: Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 7’s Gold Edition and Not A Hero DLC will both launch on December 12th in the US and EU. Nearly all of the content from Not A Hero and the new End of Zoe campaign can be played in VR.

Original story: Nine months into 2017 and Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard remains one of the best VR releases of the year. Good thing there’s more on the way, then.

Gematsu reports via a translation of Japan’s Famitsu magazine that Resident Evil 7’s Not A Hero DLC will be arriving on December 14th. For those that don’t know, Not A Hero is a free story-based expansion to the original game teased during the ending credits. If you haven’t beaten Resident Evil 7 yet then we’d suggest not reading on past here as we’ll feature some spoilers.

The campaign will let you play as Chris Redfield, the iconic series protagonist that made a small cameo at the end of the main campaign. We’re expecting the story DLC to still support the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset on PS4, just as the original campaign does, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The add-on was originally meant to arrive in the spring, but ended up being delayed.

It looks like Capcom has more Resident Evil 7 coming, though. Also due for release in Japan on December 24th (cutting it a bit close for Christmas shopping) is a Gold Edition of the game. This will apparently include both Banned Footage DLC add-ons that released a few weeks after the original game. These DLCs were premium experiences with new modes, only a handful of which supported PSVR.

The Gold Edition will also include another new expansion titled ‘End of Zoe’, suggesting a focus on one of the original campaign’s support characters.

We’ve reached out to Capcom to confirm that the Gold Edition and Not A Hero DLC will be arriving in the US and EU at the same time as Japan.

All-in-all this is very good news; we loved Resident Evil 7 when it launched back in January, awarding it 9/10 in our review and recently placed it on our list of the best VR games of 2017 so far. The game’s VR support was touted as a big success by Sony itself, and we know that at least 200,000 people have played it in PSVR. VR support is exclusive to Sony’s device for a year, but we’re hoping the PC edition gets Rift and Vive integration in 2018.

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  • Rothgarr

    Can’t wait. I wonder how long the Not a Hero campaign is.

  • dan bryant

    Seeing as PC gamers got lock out of VR for a year it would be a nice gesture to give this to PC gamers at a discount

    Oh who am I kidding Capcom will probably charge us again for a VR addition

    • Beat

      >Not A Hero is a free story-based expansion

      Did i miss something? Edit: smh. I understand your fears, them charging for vr extension.

    • Reels Rihard

      You don’t deserve sh it because you own a pc. If Lucky’s Tale came out on Vive do they deserve a discount?

      • dan bryant

        I’ve already bought the game retard

        • Reels Rihard

          Some of you are amazing. You asked for an entitlement, yes, you did this, not me. Why, because you have a pc? The entitlement is the retarded part regardless if you bought the game or not. Nice that you dodged my question about Lucky’s Tale. Thanks for playing and the ad hominem.

          • dan bryant

            Ok I’ll bite
            First of all Luckys Tale was paid for by oculus as a small developer needed funds in order to make it.
            Now Capcom is a multi million dollar company that took money from Sony to withhold the VR from the PC version
            Sony did this because they knew the PS4 version wouldn’t compare to the pc version due to their hardware being too weak.
            So one company paid for a game to be created (is it just coincidence it’s called Luckys Tale?) and one company paid a giant company to withhold VR from an other port of a game for 12 months
            That’s the difference
            I know you’re a console fanboy so it will be hard for you to understand

          • Reels Rihard

            You have no idea why Capcom did the exclusivity deal. Just your fanboy pc rant about graphics. Capcom is in no position to just throw money around. It’s the reason the devs of Street Fighter 5 said, without Sony money, there’d be no new Street Fighter at least until 2018.Dragon’s Dogma Online didn’t come to the west. Why, my guess, running online servers would cost a ton compared to a small western player base. Ie : throwing away money. Sony stepped in and funded some of the development of Street Fighter 5. Thus Street Fighter 5 is console exclusive. Res7 didn’t start vr dev on psvr until a year after the games development started. Look it up. So do you really think Sony really just paid to withold or more possibly, they funded Psvr development? Btw I’ve pc gamed before, 2003 to 2012. I was never entitled like you lot. I just bought games on their respective platforms. Saturn, PS1 Dreamcast,Pc, xbox, gamecube, xbox 360, Ps3, new pc again 2008, now ps4 looking to get Oculus and new PC for PCars2. I’ve been gaming on all types of systems since 1973. Your assumption is shit.

          • dan bryant

            Nice that you dodged my question about Lucky’s Tale. Thanks for playing and the ad hominem.

          • Wulfies

            Hmm, I don’t buy it. They put millions into Monster Quest.. That is a PS4 exclusive. If they couldn’t throw money around… they wouldn’t make it exclusive to 1 console such as how destiny has with its sequel. A simple google search will show that in 2014 Capcom made a revenue of $239.6 million with a net profit of $26.8 million. FYI that means after all liabilities are paid such as staff and such they had 26.8million spare to do with what ever they wanted. They can afford to spare the income from Sony… they chose not to because profit is profit. They even made a profit on sales of Resident Evil 7 but didn’t hit their target(Possibly due to shift in gameplay oh, and the boycott from PC users… waiting the 12 months)…Also VR games have been ported to ps4 by indie devs never mind AAA devs… Your assumptions about Capcom are wrong. It was a bribe… if it wasn’t they wouldn’t need 12 months of work to port vr to pc… and it wouldn’t have even been considered to be released in 12 months (The game will be a year old by then) They took a bribe and now they have to follow through on it. Disgusting move on Sony’s part and even more disgusting on Capcoms part.

            Before you even start as well… Oculus was attacked for similar reasons with their platform… so this aint about console vs pc… but lets get into your mentality on that.

            Gamers like your self make me sick either way. Being proud of a company for offering exclusivity. I would hope that every exclusive PC gamers get (Which is massive in comparison) would release on console and vice versa… because as a gamer I case about the games and their availability… not a 1+ on what platform they came out on. Also after all console gamers hate on PC for being graphics whores… your culture certainly loves to big up their fake 4K consoles… And you also complain about how PC gamers think they are entitled but if i remember correctly… there was a controversy over console gamers trying to bully modders of fallout and skyrim demanding them to make mods for consoles… that where impossible to make on a console. And also isn’t it console gamers that demand games to be released in 60 fps despite liking “Cinimatic Experiences” at 24fps better? I don’t hate consoles… I hate hypocrisy… Actions such as holding games exclusive does nothing but damages and divides the gaming community which you are apart of. So does console companies lying about the power of their consoles… you should be pissed as a comsumer… this is the 3rd time they have promise 4K and it hasn’t even been proper 4k just resized bullshit.

          • Reels Rihard

            Of course you don’t buy it. You’re as entitled as the other guy. those profits aren’t much to make a few triple AAA games with Capcom quality. You’ve got no clue how expensive development can be. Capcom could burn through 27 mill on one game alone. How about a marketing budgets? It’s not like Capcom is Activision/Blizzard. See the difference? Capcoms titles are more niche, they’ve got to be cautious how they spend their profits or they won’t have any. Guess what? If a another corporation decides to mitigate risks of another corporation, they’re going to do it. It’s just business. Learned this a while ago. In no way did I elude being proud of exclusivity. Another shit assumption btw. I offered an actual plausible possibility other than, muh pc bullshit. Nothing more nothing less. There are native 4k games on ps4 pro. Sony didn’t tout native 4k, they talked checker boarding techniques.

          • Wulfies

            You ain’t explained shit XD Clearly you don’t understand a balance sheet… 🙂 Budgeting and such will be already accounted for. Those profits are overall profits… money that the company has bonus after all budgeting for the next year has been accounted for. Those will be placed as assets and liabilities. That profit can help other games if they go over budget (Which happens) but everything should be accounted for BEFORE development starts… Thats why planned games don’t even have development started on it, but will be budgeted. This isn’t just in the game industry it happens in all businesses… you should never rely on your profits to succeed or you don’t have anything to fall back on if things go wrong.

            I like how you say i’m entitled… like say its not my money to spend how i see fit. I’m not going to splash out my money I earn on Capcom out of pure pity. They earn my trust and they blindsided the platform I play it (It could even be any game for Xbox One…) Why would I reward them? Fanboys like your self seem to think its a duty to spend money on shit you don’t need.
            Plus you do applaud exclusivity… because you shun people who don’t have that exclusive right as being… uhm… entitled. So thats a bit of a backwards statement.

            Capcom also makes niche titled… didn’t realise they had the whole lead in the fighting genre for a generation… you act like Capcom are some petty company when they aren’t… They are a multinational company that makes triple A games with Triple A budgets…

            You seem to think your audience haven’t been around this past generation of gaming… but correct me if i’m wrong but they didn’t specify what 4K they was using until it was getting to launch date… all of a sudden you hear the words “True 4K”. (Indulge me how the name “True 4K” isn’t deceptive by its self) There was so much of confusion there where gaming website explaining what the difference was… truth is… its not 4k at all its an completely different technology with 4k in the name… That is deceptive as fuck.

            Oh and lastly… not one of my complaints was “Muh pc bullshit” I said they blind side their consumers because being bribed was the better option… and they didn’t have to do it… they can do what ever the fuck they want… i don’t have to fund them. Please stop throwing around strawman about entitled bullshit. cheers

  • NooYawker

    I still haven’t finished the game.

  • Awesome!

  • Another Opinion

    RE7 is my favourite VR experience followed closely by Superhot (on Oculus, not tried the PSVR version yet).

    Beaten the game a few times now and still get creeped out by some sections even when I know what’s coming. Gonna try Madhouse mode next which apparently shifts things around by quite a bit as well as being super unforgiving.