Rez Infinite, Eagle Flight Highlight Latest US PSVR Sale

by Jamie Feltham • May 22nd, 2019

In search of something new to play on PSVR? Sony’s latest PlayStation Store sale doesn’t have many of the headset’s biggest hits, but it’s a good way to catch up on some obscure gems.

If you didn’t buy a headset in 2016 or 2017, for example, you might have missed the sublime Rez Infinite. It takes the original on-rails music shooter and immerses you in its hypnotic world. You can pick that up for 50% off at $14.99 right now. Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight also falls into the same category, offering uplifting VR flight across a gorgeous virtual take on Paris. It’s available for a fraction of its original price at $5.99 right now. Quirky puzzler Statik is also a must-buy at $5.99.

If you’re wanting to try your luck with some other shooters, there’s plenty of choice here. Blasters of the Universe is the best of the lost and costs $5.99. But there’s also the likes of Mortal Blitz, Unearthing Mars and The Walker to try out. None of these are especially good but, hey, they kill a weekend pretty easily.

Oh and, while we’re at it, best to mention No Man’s Sky is currently $24.99. The game hasn’t got VR support yet but a free update will add it later this summer.

The full list of deals is below.


18 Floors is $10.49 ($14.99)
Apocalypse Rider $1.99 ($4.99)
Blasters of the Universe $5.99 ($14.99)
Code51: Mecha Arena $7.99 ($19.99)
Drone Striker $7.99 ($9.99)
Eagle Flight & Werewolves Within bundle $11.99 ($39.99)
Eagle Flight $5.99 ($19.99)
Korix $1.99 ($19.99)
Loading Human: Chapter 1 $7.99 ($39.99)
Mortal Blitz $7.99 ($19.99)
Moto Racer 4 $7.99 ($39.99)
No Mans Sky $24.99 ($49.99)
One Piece Grand Cruise $4.99 ($9.99)
Paper Dolls $13.59 ($16.99)
Prison Boss $7.99 ($19.99)
Rez Infinite $14.99 ($29.99)
Smashbox Arena $4.99 ($9.99)
Statik $5.99 ($19.99)
The Rabbit Hole $1.99 ($4.99)
The Walker $6.99 ($9.99)
Thesus $4.99 ($9.99)
Unearthing Mars $8.99 ($14.99)
Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War $13.99 ($19.99)
Viking Days $1.99 ($4.99)
Werewolves Within $5.99 ($19.99)

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