Rick and Morty Invade ARKit With Awesome Cromulons Tribute

by Jamie Feltham • August 17th, 2017

Rick and Morty have already invaded the world of VR with the excellent Virtual Rick-ality, but this ARKit tribute to the series is just as cool.

VR and AR studio Immersion created this unofficial tribute to the beloved animated series that you can see in the below tweets. They pay tribute to season two’s fifth episode in which the dynamic duo are up against the invasion of the Cromulons, the giant floating head you can see in the sky. Set on Venice Beach, brave dancers try to appease the planet-sized being, who incessantly demands from them to “Show me what you got.”

While the Rick and Morty tribute in itself is cool, we’re especially impressed by the natural disaster effects displayed in the experience. It looks like the user is caught in the middle of a hurricane. In the second tweet below you can also see meteors hitting the ground, which is another great touch.

Sadly this is an unofficial piece, so you’re not likely to see it on your own iPhone when ARKit arrives with iOS 11 later this year. That is unless series creator (and serious VR enthusiast) Justin Roiland takes any notice.

But, as we already said, you can already join Rick and Morty on their adventures in VR. Virtual Rick-ality is a great VR tie-in to the series that we just labeled as one of the best VR games of 2017 so far.

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