Rift 1.16 Update Adds New Look For Oculus Home, Mixed Reality Capture

by Jamie Feltham • June 16th, 2017

Oculus has got into a pretty steady pattern of releasing new software updates for its Rift VR headset each and every month, and June’s edition is rolling out now.

Rift 1.16 adds a handful of appreciated features to the platform, though there’s little in the way of truly significant news. Highlighting the update is added support for mixed reality capture. We’ve seen this plenty over the past year; developers using green screen to record players in real-time appearing in the virtual environment they’re standing in.

Developers will need to update their apps to support this new feature, and have to use an extra Touch controller as a trackable object to record footage, but it’s a good first step. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more mixed reality trailers for games like Lone Echo and more soon.

Elsewhere, 1.16 updates your updates; you’ll know get more information when your apps download new patches, including changelogs. If you encounter issues with software, you can report this in-app too.

One change you should immediately notice is a new look for Oculus Home. Upon booting up your Rift with 1.16 installed you’ll find yourself in a city environment, which can be switched back to the old living room area too. More environments will be coming to the platform in the near future.

Friends, meanwhile, can now optionally display whether they’re running on Rift or Gear. Four languages are now available in Rift setup, and better labelling of 360 degree tracking support apps is now available. There’s one small bug fix too, addressing an issue with window scaling.

Nothing major, then, but a host of appreciated updates.

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  • Better late than never I guess. Sad how Oculus went from the first of its kind to trailing behind the rest.

    • What the hell are you talking about? Oculus isn’t really trailing behind in anything; it’s Home is an order of magnitude better designed and more user friendly than having to use Steam’s total and utter mess of an interface (unless it’s an extremely different experience when you use it directly on a Vive vs how it appears when I try to use it with my Rift). Seriously, exactly what are you referring to?

      • Their release of native mixed reality and hand sensors is WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT AAAARRRRRRRRRGGHH!!!! KILLLLL THE BLASPHEMERRR!

        • To be honest, I’m not really sure what you’re gibbering about. But see my post above for a reply to your other comment.

          • Native reality capabilities and hand sensors… It says it in the first 9 words.

      • And the release of its consumer model and subsequent hmd unit sales would be other things Oculus trails behind the rest. But everything else is cool.

        • Justos

          unit sales huh, you have a number? Would love to see some legit stats that arent made up!

          • Just hooked you up with a link to a uploadvr article about it (pending approval from the site). Or just search for the article “IDC’s Data Shows VR is Not Dying, Not Even Close” by ANSHEL SAG • JUNE 7TH, 2017

        • Are you serious? It launched a little earlier and has sold a few more units; and that’s your “big deal” thing to boast about?

          Oculus has a slicker and comfier headset, superior motion controllers that are more ergonomic and have actual finger/gesture-tracing built in plus some proper gaming controls like analog sticks and face buttons, has a better designed and more user-friendly interface, is over $200 cheaper yet comes with proper built-in headphones and an additional Xbox One controller and a wee remote at no extra cost, comes with more and better free games when you purchases the system, and right now even gives new buyers an additional $100 credit to buy even more games too . . .

          Reality check, mate.

          • Oh when you asked “What the hell are you talking about?” you actually meant “Lets just fanboy over oculus!”. What I was talking about before you got upset was how Vive consistently beat Oculus to multiple innovations in the industry where as Oculus was the instigator of this generation of VR. And just for fun, HERES ANOTHER TWO STATS – Google Trends currently has HTC Vive more commonly searched than Oculus Rift. AND VidIQ SEO for Youtube also shows more monthly searches for PSVR and HTC Vive over Rift by about one million more searches per month! So you can keep your ‘sleek’ but I’m more interested by innovation and Oculus hasn’t been in the front of that for a while.

            But yo dawg got really checked my reality hard. Cold blooded.

          • Man, you really are desperate.

          • Oh cool I thought you had gone. Could you hook a brother up with some discounted Touch controllers? You must have some sort of financial stake with Oculus or FB to be so adverse to any critical analysis of them.

            So are you telling me that the CV1 was available before the Vive? And that Touch controllers were out before the Vive hand sensors? Are you also telling me that the Oculus 1.16 update has provided addition capture capabilities for MR before Vive/Steam did it last year?
            And are you saying that Oculus isn’t trailing behind in market trends and those VR innovations and the subsequent sales/shipment stats from IDC and Super Data consistent over 6 months (and sales projections recently confirmed by Sony when PSVR hit 1mil units sold) and SEO popularity are not representative of Oculus being consistently late to the party despite being the instigator of the current gen of VR? (Protip: That was my initial statement and all the evidence backing it up… its real handy when having a debate isn’t it?)

            Do you expect me to believe that the Oculus is not trailing behind other high end competition? Yes… you do. Because you’re a blind fanboy who equates a cool new menu, in which most of us spend less than 30secs in, and not having to buy more addons (because they’re isn’t any for the Rift!), to be more important than real innovations and competitive marketing.

            Another protip when debating, dont misquote – it tells me that your projecting an idea or position that doesn’t exist. To quote you “… and that’s your “big deal” thing to boast about?”. It really is about boasting to you isn’t it – not critically analysing the facts. Because you’re a blind fanboy who makes the Oculus name and original logo all the more ironic. I look forward to you trying to sell more Rifts in the forums – Im all good. I already have one. In fact, I only have a Rift. But let me know if you can score me a discount on some Touch controllers. #realitycheckmate™

          • No.

            It’s real simple: I think getting an Oculus Rift for $200 less than the HTC Vive (or $100 less if you fork out for an additional third sensor)–and you still get an additional Xbox One controller and remote, more and better rated free games bundled, and right now you also get an additional $100 store credit if you buy a Rift today–is a far, far, far better value proposition than the Vive in pretty much every way.

            And each system’s Home UI is pretty much the same, with the Rift still being a little bit better designed and user friendly, and the rest of the features and service are pretty much the same as I type.

            None of the random and largely meaningless crap you are spouting changes that or ultimately means anything.

            That’s it.

          • Fortran

            Inceptional, stop it. Just go lobby for some other product, please?

          • Again: This is a “lobby” for the Vive, dude; you’re very confused.

          • Dude. Learn how to debate. ‘Pretty much’ and ‘basically means very little’ are not things you want to be saying. And you’re projecting ideals again; “You are trying to find any angle to argue that the Vive is somehow a better choice than the Rift-“. Two things here a) I dont have to look hard to find multiple angles and b) I doesn’t matter what I think is a ‘better choice’ when dealing with the facts. And I understand why you want to dismiss the facts because – they’re detrimental to your argument or lack thereof.

            The Rift was late (even though pre orders came out before the Vive), without hand sensors, lacked additional tracking functionality and had a buggy tracking system in general. Oculus have mitigated a lot of those problems, not sure about MR, haven’t tested it – but that was after (or trailing), the Vive. And the result of being late in multiple regards has seen the Rift selling less (or trailing) the PSVR and Vive respectively. And unless Oculus get in before HTC releases wireless add ons, eye tracking, motion tracking peripherals and other ‘who knows what’ innovations to VR – the trailing trend will continue.

            Not ‘real simple’ is it when debating someone with facts. But hey, there will be more articles you can try sell more Rifts on in the future.

          • There isn’t a “debate”: I’m telling you, not debating with you. None of those things you’re saying mean anything. Example: Oculus released its motion controllers later than the Vive, and they’re both better and cheaper–so I know which I’d rather have in that situation. You’re a moron who’s trying to grasp at straws to find reasons why the Vive is better than the Rift, but other than a couple of things (the camera and slightly larger room-scale) it’s bettered by the Rift in every way, particularly what you actually get for your money. The stuff about doing some random things first means utterly nothing to the end consumer at the end of the day–you’re just too dumb to grasp that.

          • You don’t read much do you?

          • Is that supposed to be a properly written and grammatically correct sentence? I mean, given that you just challenged my reading skills . . .

          • Because anyone reading our ‘non-debate’ would clearly see one person justifying their original statement with facts and the opposition being at triggered fanboy waffling on about irrelevant opinions because he’s realised this, but out of frivolous pride (or possibly some Oculus endorsement) cant stop now.

            You do realise that in the possible event of new market statistics being published and the Oculus has surpassed Vive sales you’ve only got two options. A) to dismiss them as inaccurate or B) accept them and that Oculus had been previously TRAILING in sales proving my original statement accurate and you a.. well… Ill leave the name calling to you. You realise this, right?

          • I would hope most non-morons would see this:

            One guy saying ‘Vive has sold more and did some stuff first and is “winning” . . .’

            The other guy saying ‘Rift is $200 cheaper. And, even being $200 cheaper, also gives you in-built headphones, an additional Xbox One controller and remote, a generally better Home/UI experience, more and better free games/experiences bundled, and $100 store credit too–out-the-box.’

            But maybe they’re just as clueless as you for all I know.

          • Please tell me you don’t operate heavy machinery.
            You almost got there big guy; “The other guy saying ‘Rift is $200 cheaper. And, even being $200 cheaper, also gives you in-built headphones, an additional Xbox One controller and remote, a generally better Home/UI experience, more and better free games/experiences bundled, and $100 store credit too–out-the-box”…. and… is… trailing. In HW releases, sales, popularity and innovation. That would sum up reality pretty nicely.

            Look, I am at fault for giving you too much respect. It must’ve been hard realising you didn’t read my initial comment properly, began arguing irrelevant points whilst also trying to remember to breath. But don’t think others are clueless because they don’t perform mental gymnastics as well as you – it makes you look like a sore loser.

          • Again, you KEEP focusing on the stuff that is utterly irrelevant. No one but a similarly blind fanboy moron you like gives a flying crap that the Vive is selling more units than the Rift a year into the release of these headsets. That kind of stuff ONLY matters if at the end of the day the Vive is also giving you the greatest all-round VR experience and best value for your money–and it blatantly isn’t.

            I’ll say it one more time for you:

            The points you are focusing on are utterly irrelevant. The points I am focusing on are completely relevant.

            How much clearer can I possibly make this–it’s a rhetorical question.

          • Yeah I think you should pop open a few tabs and google words like ‘irrelevant’, ‘debate’, ‘argument’ and ‘facts’ to give you a better idea on just how you’ve failed to disqualify my comment.

            I don’t have the luxury of being a fanboy like you because the pesky facts get in the way. You haven’t noticed that I’m wearing a Rift in my avatar, have you? And its likely I’ve done more to promote the Rift than you have and your gross promotions of store credit in these forums.

            And aren’t you forgetting something? I asked you; if the Rift isn’t trailing behind PSVR and Vive, then who is? And you cant answer it.

          • polysix

            He’s a typical rift fanboy, talks down to everyone, claims to know more than the next guy all the while being ‘fooled’ into buying the worse product by a company known to not give a sh*t how it treats its users.

            Palmer has left, oculus don’t exist anymore, only in his fanboy mind. It’s all facebook now and it’ll only get worse for rift. In fact there prob will never be a gen 2 PC VR HMD from facebook. it’ll be standalone DRM ridden + mobile. They’ve been in love with GearVR for years to the detriment of the rift and PC VR.

            The ‘good’ stuff early oculus did for VR and PC VR has long been overshadowed by mistake and bad decision after mistake and bad decision (for VR though not for Facebook’s future ad revenue)

          • Jason Lovegren

            You guys kill me. Just enjoy the VR!!!! who cares what others think if you love it then you love it. I am a rift owner and my brother is a Vive owner. Our biggest issue was tracking which I can confirm for me has been fixed. I love my choice and you obviously love yours, so why do you feel the need to constantly defend it. And honestly if you look at the rift forums certain Vive owners take every opportunity to put rift owners down. And honestly this is the NES VS Sega generation of VR. I think everything need to be cross platformed too, at least with PC owners. I want more people to play with, can we stop all the arguing and just get along.

          • polysix

            You are one sad hombre. Get over your facebook rift love. Not everyone agrees. You bought the hype and will reap your just rewards.

          • OH my god!! How can I forget HTC’s partnership with intel and TPCast in developing wireless VR. A massive innovation to VR where Oculus will most likely be late to the party again. Not a business model I’d recommend in the Tech industry. And just to remind you – I’m talking about the MR update. The menu aesthetic update doesn’t concern me.

          • Again, stuff that doesn’t exist yet and is possibly coming at some random time in the future. If that’s your argument for why you’re fanboying for Vive over Rift it’s real weaksauce. The Rift in the here and now better then Vive at a much cheaper cost in almost every way, and that’s all that should really matter. Some basically imagined future not-yet-reality means very little to me.

          • Yeah but you think seeing the USS Aegis flying over head is the best thing since the touch controllers were released. Other things have been happening in VR.

          • No.

            It’s real simple: I think getting an Oculus Rift for $200 less than the HTC Vive (or $100 less if you fork out for an additional third sensor)–and you still get an additional Xbox One controller and remote, more and better rated free games bundled, and right now you also get an additional $100 store credit if you buy a Rift today–is a far, far, far better value proposition than the Vive in pretty much every way.

            And none of the random and largely meaningless crap you are spouting changes that.

            That’s it.

          • Dude, I was only joking about the whole ‘financial stake in Oculus’ but it looks like you are desperately trying to sell more Rifts. And you admit I have supplied you SOME meaningful crap (or evidence) to my argument in which you’ve still yet to challenge because you’re not dealing with the facts. And because you cant challenge my argument, you’ve waffling on about price now. And even with the price cut, the Rift is still trailing in sales. But Im going to let you have one more chance to show that you can keep up;

            So if I’m wrong, then who is trailing in VR? PSVR, Vive or the Rift?

          • polysix

            Fanboy confirmed. “sold a few more units” lmao. over twice as many units. Why? because any sane person gave facebook a wide berth.

          • Read all my other replies; I’m not wasting any breath on a completely ignorant idiot like you.

      • Nicholas

        I agree the old SteamVR interface is a lesson in bad user interface design, but the recently-released SteamVR Home beta has leap-frogged the Oculus one. It’s not perfect mind you, but it’s getting pretty close.

        • Yeah, but unless i’m mistaken it’s still part of the Steam interface; so when you boot up the Vive you get the kinda empty Vive/Steam grid area, and then you have press to bring up the Steam Big Screen mode, and then you select Vive mode from there, and then you’re in a slightly crappier version of basically Oculus Home but with a few more convoluted options that most people with a clue ultimately realize are just fluff. So, Oculus has that but just without the hassle and fluff. The only thing I see on Vive’s version that would be cool on Oculus version is the added view of the room you can bring up due to the Vive having a camera. And, Oculus is added more rooms literally in the next day or so too, which will probably be better designed than Vive’s recently added rooms, since the default Oculus room already is better designed. And so on and on–so, I’m still failing to see how Vive’s Home stuff is the better user interface option here.

          • Nicholas

            Now it’s my turn to say what the hell are you talking about? Unless you’ve disabled home beta, it fires up when you start SteamVR. And it’s glorious. But if you want to justify your purchase to yourself, then that’s fine.

          • Well, like I said, I’m using a Rift, and you have to piss around with all the Steam crap just to get anything Vive related working on it, which is also how I see it working anytime anyone else demonstrated the Vive on YouTube and stuff like that too; so I’m just saying what I see. But, even if it literally boots up directly in the Vive Home when you put on your Vive; it still doesn’t look better designed and more user friendly than Oculus Home from everything I’ve seen. Yes, it appears to have a couple more options, but those appear to come with a slightly more fugly and clumsy overall interface design, to my eyes.

          • NooYawker

            I’m completely over the cool home interface environment. I just want my games easily accessible.

          • Yeah, and that’s why I like the Rift’s who UI.

      • polysix

        Why are you clowns still calling them oculus? didn’t you get the memo?


        • I meant Oculus, as in the company, you moron. God, you really are dumb.

  • daveinpublic

    Great updates.

  • Cool. I like that you can switch to different environments, just in case you don’t like change. Also, I really like the Star Trek ship they had flying over for a while there.

  • Mixed reality features is a great news. And I also like the ability to choose a new home environment… was getting bored of that house (BY CHANCE it happened after Valve has released that great thing called SteamVR Home Beta…)