Rift, Vive Barely Move In July’s Steam Hardware Survey

by Jamie Feltham • August 3rd, 2018

The share of VR usage on Steam barely shifted in July 2018.

Last month’s charts showed Oculus Rift pull slightly ahead of the HTC Vive with 46.26% of the overall usage compared to the latter’s 44.56%. The difference this month is minimal; Rift comes in at 46.18% whereas Vive also drops to 44.35%. Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets were the only devices to enjoy a slight rise, moving the needle from 6.25% in June to 6.41% this month. Rift’s DK2 is still (!) hanging in there with 1.25% of the chart.

As always, we’ll remind you that this isn’t a definitive way of measuring the actual market share of PC VR as it’s an optional survey that requires participants to have their headsets plugged into their machines. Still, seeing as Oculus and HTC haven’t revealed any kind of official sales figures, it’s the best we’ve got at trying to gauge the market right now. Will we ever know how much these devices have really sold?

It’s not surprising to see such little activity in these charts given how quiet things have been on the VR front of late. We’ll be interested to see if this month’s release of Oculus Rift exclusive, Marvel: Powers United VR, and its headset bundle package will do anything to help out the Facebook-backed kit over the course of August, but other than that there’s not much to suggest there’ll be a big shift in numbers any time soon.

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