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Robo Recall’s Quest Version Looks Like A Big Downgrade From Rift

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  1. Christian Ortiz says:

    It’s not all about graphics, and everyone already knowing it would have a downgrade visually… It still has the same core mechanics that is available on the Rift…

    Remember it’s running of a 2 year old mobile chip set.

    Same chip set used on a Lenovo Mirage solo + Vive focus.

    It would of been amazing if they announced the 855 Chipset hehe but maybe someday in a 2nd interation of this headset

  2. Lulu Vi Britannia says:

    Ouch. That was predictable, but it’s still harsh. I bet every UE game will suffer just as much. But hey, as long as it’s just the graphics, it should be cool.

  3. Sofian says:

    5G and cloud gaming is what we need.

  4. John says:

    Is Rift a platform? Kind of odd to compare a high powered PC to a mobile chip.

  5. TheDuf says:

    That’s things you notice when you’re outside the headset and especially by putting them side by side.
    Jump in the headset, shoot bullets, dodge some.. throw things around and the last thing you’ll notice is that the reflection on the floor is gone.

    I think people try to emphasis on the visual gap between a 2years old mobile device vs the stronguest GPU in the world.

    The device itself is close to the price of a VR ready GPU. Of course it won’t render 2019 PC VR graphics.

    Can’t wait to try it and see myself 🙂

    1. GIBBS v2 says:

      Thats my experience in VR too. Graphics are important but resolution is even more so. Great graphics coming out of super PC are mostly lost in the visor itself in my view. So if there is great clarity of action and the gameplay is smooth and fun then thats a win.

      Extra thought, I get annoyed when I see “screen” shots of games that never, ever represent the in visor experience. I see all of these glorious looking graphics and trailers and what you get in most visors is soft, almost fuzzy and perforated.

  6. Romulo de Castro says:

    It is as shitty as espected.