ROM: Extraction Gets New Level In Free Overrun Upate

by Jamie Feltham • February 28th, 2017

ROM: Extraction from First Contact was already one of the more polished shooters for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and today it’s getting even more content.

The developer, which is comprised of former Call of Duty developers, announced the launch of Overrun, a free update that adds a new chapter. As the name suggests, it will see you fight off swarms of aliens as they crawl onto your ship. To help them in their battle First Contact is adding a new two-handed plasma rifle named the EOS-15. Check out the mixed reality trailer below. It’s complete with dubstep.

Based on the footage it looks a like pretty intense affair, putting player’s back against the wall as they blast away at foes. The plasma rifle looks like a bright and powerful weapon, and you’ll simulate holding the rifle with two hands, a little like you might in games like Bullet Train from Epic Games.

The content will be on display at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week at AMD’s Capasaicin and Cream event but, of course, if you’re at home you can play it already.

It’s a welcome addition to the game, which we were quite fond of when it launched later last year. Our biggest issue, though, was with a general lack of content. First Contact is also looking to add a free multiplayer update to the game this year, though last we heard that was planned for early 2017. It looks like the studio might not make that window.

If you haven’t already dived into Extraction then now’s a great time; First Contact is shedding 75% off of the price for a limited time, taking it to around $5. If you’re at all interested then best grab it now before it goes back to its normal price of $19.99. Not a bad deal.

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