Room Scale MMO OrbusVR Has Been Funded On Kickstarter

by Charles Singletary • March 7th, 2017

As the software ecosystem grows, developers are starting to find a balance that allows them to create solid multiplayer experiences on VR platforms. The community is welcoming massive amounts of VR players, but the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) genre hasn’t really found a solid foothold just yet. Enter OrbusVR, the Kickstarter project looking to bring room scale combat, exploration, and crafting in VR MMO format.

You can see the trailer for it below, featuring a simple visual style and action-packed gameplay.

At the time this article was written, OrbusVR has accrued a funding amount of $23,997 on a goal of $10,000. Though this may seem meager by the standards set by other well known successful games funded on the crowd-funding platform, OrbusVR is no less ambitious with its plans. The gameplay teaser shows huge groups of players fighting in fields utilizing medieval fantasy weapons, exploring caves, teaming up against large boss characters, and even some fishing— the minigame that absolutely no MMO should ever go without.

“The support of this game by the growing community of VR enthusiasts continues to surpass our expectations at every turn,” says lead programmer Riley Dutton in a press release for the project. Dutton is also the Founder of Ad Alternum, the dev team making the game.

The game is adopting a low poly style that could be endearing to fans or a turn-off but, considering it was fully funded plus some, there are clearly fans interested in the project. The game is also not just in conceptual stages. The footage in the trailer is collected from 3 play tests in which 1500 players have played and things look to be quite functional from what we see.

“Our Stretch Goals represent things that we want to do in the game eventually, but didn’t have the resources to commit to doing before launch,” said Robert Dutton, Level Designer. “We’ve intentionally kept the scope of the project reasonable so we can meet our deadlines, but with the extra help from the community, we can do more than we originally planned, which is great.”

OrbusVR is slated to be released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The Kickstarter is ongoing until March 13th and, while early bird funding bundles are taken, there are still many contributor awards available such as closed Beta and closed Alpha access.

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  • Xron

    The game looks fun, hope it can grow and show possibilities of vr mmo to the big boys.

  • Justos

    I backed this at the epic founder level. Even a small scale mmo, i would sink all my VR hours into it. So hyped. Its already looking promising. My only concerns are the small dev team. I truly hope they can grow the team.

  • VR Geek

    I would love to back, but far too many VR kickstarters grow in scope as the money flows in and the original concept is replaced with the promise of something even better that seems to be forever on the horizon. I truly hope this project does not go down this path and instead delivers something sooner than later and then builds upon that and not get wrapped up in delivering everything now just because the money is there. I am a future customer once this thing is live but not until then. Stretch goals scare me as that is the train of complexity that seems to be the icicles heel of kickstarters. I SO WANT TO BE A CUSTOMER…when it is out in the wild.

    • krazykain

      That’s very reasonable. Heres hoping will be playing this by the end of the year

      • Brad Blackmere

        We will be. They have a tight dev schedule that they have stuck to very aggressively so far. Open Beta/Early Access should be available by the summer.

    • Bundy

      Stretch goals are ok as long as they don’t go all wild and crazy with them. Star Citizen is a good example on what not to do with your stretch goals.

  • $10,000? $23,997? This is not enough for good MMO game.

    • krazykain

      Game has external funding. The kickstarter is just for bringing extra features at launch

      • Bundy

        I think the kickstarter is mostly for press. The hardest part about making a game isn’t the actual making. It’s getting it noticed among the billion other games out there. But look, if it weren’t for this kickstarter, there would be no article.

  • Bundy

    My Sword Art Online dreams are slowly coming true.

  • Kez

    One important thing to note. The kickstarter is *not* their primary means of funding. The founder is funding the project personally while the kickstarter is primarily for PR purposes.

    From the FAQ:

    Your funding goal seems way too low! How can you make an MMO for only $10,000?
    You are correct, astute reader! That amount of money would barely be enough to make a Flappy Bird clone, let alone a full MMO. However, this Kickstarter campaign is not about funding the full development of OrbusVR, it’s about the community pitching in to give it an extra boost. We have private funding (out of my own pocket, basically) that has already gotten us this far and will make sure the game gets made.

    The goal we chose for this Kickstarter campaign represents an amount we think will make a materially positive impact on the game’s development, but is still achievable for our growing community of VR enthusiasts. Every dollar you pledge is going directly to make the game even better.

    • LIV

      Do great things 🙂 best wishes.

  • krazykain

    I was in one of those stress tests, this is going to be something truly special.

    And screw SAO, this is the Oasis 😀

    • Bundy


      • krazykain

        From a book called Ready Player One. It’s a VR MMO that DOESNT kill you 😛

        • Bundy

          Ahh, I was gonna read that but decided to wait for the movie. It doesn’t kill you?! Where’s the fun in that!

          • krazykain

            What can I say, I’m a bit of a care bear when it comes to permadeath IRL :p

          • Bundy

            Sounds like you’re not a big fan of immersion if you ask me!

          • Chris Orris

            Read it now. I haven’t read a fiction book in years, but I ruined a work day with my stupid decision to start reading it at 9:30 p.m.