Royal Academy of Arts Features VR Works In From Life Exhibit

by Ryan Winterhalter • September 11th, 2017

An upcoming exhibit from the UK’s Royal Academy of Arts will feature works made in virtual reality, namely in Google’s Tilt Brush and Sixsense’s MakeVR Pro. Titled From Life, the exhibit will focus on art history from the Renaissance to today, and what creating art has meant to artists throughout that time.

As part of looking at the future of art, From Life will feature the work of Jonathan Yeo, who, in partnership with Google Arts and Culture, is building the first free standing structure created in Tilt Brush. We’ve seen artists experiment with different ways of taking their Tilt Brush work and exporting it to the real world. However, most still rely on mimicking the VR experience or the viewer having their own headset.

Also featured in the exhibit is the work of the VR production studio Factory 42. Working on a commission from Sky Arts and Google Arts and Culture, the company is creating a VR experience aimed at capturing how artists have worked throughout history. They are also producing several individual experiences designed to convey the methods of From Life’s featured artists. As if that wasn’t enough, the studio is also screening a documentary entitled Virtual Reality: Mystery of Creativity, which focuses on the process of making art in VR.

From Life runs from December 11th of this year to March 11th, 2018. Tickets are available on the Royal Academy of the Arts’ website for £13.50. Those outside the UK have several ways to check out the exhibit. Many of the created works will be featured on Viveport, the Sky VR app, and the Google Arts & Culture app.

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