Rubin: Rift Sales Are ‘Strong’ After Summer Sale, Touch ‘Catching Up’

by Jamie Feltham • September 5th, 2017

This week marks the end of Oculus’ lengthy Summer of Rift sale, during which the VR headset and its Touch controllers were priced at $399. The $200 price cut came as a huge surprise when it was announced in early July, but did it actually have a big impact on sales? VP of Content Jason Rubin says it did.

Speaking to MCV, Rubin noted that Rift’s hardware sales were “strong” following the last sale, though he didn’t offer specific stats. “Every dollar isn’t an equal dollar,” Rubin said. “This $200 drop is a bigger deal than the last $200 drop. It’s not a linear progression down to zero. You end up at a place where people say ‘Oh, this is something I can totally afford’, as opposed to ‘I’m [still] thinking about this because it’s a large purchase.'”

Rubin also revealed that “VR usage” has risen over the summer, bucking the traditional videogame trend fuelled by a lack of big releases. “We’ve found a lot of people are buying multiple pieces of software, and that’s yet another reason to throw the hardware out there at a very reasonable price and bring in even more people.”

As for Touch itself, Rubin noted that the controller sales were “catching up” with the Rift’s own numbers. These days, Rift and Touch are bundled together in one package, but when the latter initially launched in December 2016 they were sold separately.

Still no official figures, then, but Oculus itself certainly seems to be happy with the sales it’s seeing. With the summer sale’s conclusion Rift and Touch will cost $499, which is $100 less than the new $599 price tag for the HTC Vive.

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  • koenshaku

    Everything is just rosy on their side though not rosy enough to boast about it. Which means it is still under a million.

    • NooYawker

      Both companies lost a lot of money. Unfortunately HTC can’t carry the burden like FB. I don’t think anyone expected huge sales for gen 1. Next year we should see a bigger market.

      • RFC_VR

        core biz (phones) no profit last 11 quarters? Sold phone factory? Looking to sell VR division? Look at its current financial…

  • LastActionHero

    Sales was boosted until the Vive dropped their price. Now you can get a premium VR system instead for around the same price.

    • Konstantinos Antonatos

      Having tried both i can say with certainty that between the 2 the Rift is definitely the premium VR system while being also cheaper.

      -Touch controllers (far better that the Vive wands)
      -Far better comfort from the Vive (of which the deluxe strap costs another $100)
      -Integrated audio
      -Less SDE(Screen door effect)
      -Much larger sweet spot
      -Access to all Oculus exclusive plus all the steam games.

      • LastActionHero

        Smaller FOV
        God Rays
        Dull srceen
        Webcams for tracking (that spy on you)
        USB bandwidth problems
        Cables snaking around your room
        Short HMD cable

        Sound like the best VR system here.

        • polysix

          Sounds like? WTF? USE THEM!!! I’ve had Vive, PSVR and Rift. Hands down Rift is the best.

          Better SDE
          Better FOV shape (better than the large circle on Vive)
          God rays? Vive has GOD RAYS too you fool – except they are more immersion breaking there (ciricle reflections vs the soft god rays in rift).
          Webcams don’t spy on you (you sound like a tool – seriously)
          Better comfort
          Built in phones
          MUCH better controllers
          Better black levels
          Better cable weight/placement
          Better product quality/finish/weight/materials
          Better clarity
          Better sweet spot
          Can put on and off with ONE hand, like a baseball cap, slips on always ready to go – not even PSVR can boast of that! Vive is so janky
          Not had a single problem here with USB

          As said you sound like some tard who just reads hype/press releases, for those like me who’ve actually owned them all we know the RIFT is a much better/finished product and no little idiot fanboys like you will change these facts!

          Vive’s downsides? Tons of them, not least of which super bad SDE to the point it was barely an upgrade from my DK2, bad touchpads, bad controls for anything but swords/bows, bad build quality/high fault reports, bad sweet spot, bad strap (DAS is another £100), no built in phones (vital to me now), concentric ring lens flares (extremely immersion killing makes your eyes feel like they are watering and like looking through a divers helmet), bad overall weight/design (front heavy), controllers need recharging constantly while touch takes just one AA and lasts for WEEKS on end _ NO DOWNTIME and very easy to slip another battery in vs waiting to charge controllers on Vive.

          Furthermore – Vive has worse mura, worse blacks.

          The day you actually try a rift as well as a vive will be the day you know wtf you are talking about, and also may be the day you realise the ONLY GEN 1 HMD worth a damn is the rift. Everything else is trash.

          Only positive for Vive is it has superb tracking for larger roomscale, but even there it wasn’t without its own gremlins such as jitter (never have jitter on rift at all!), lighthouses not turning on/off (taking ages to get into VR while on rift it’s instant you put it on your head and you’re in home).

          Mainly though the increase in ergonomics on Rift over vive is the biggest factor (controls and hmd), secondly the massive improvement on in-game clarity/pixel density in the sweet spot, thirdly the sweetspot itself which is basically the entire lens while on vive it’s a small bit in the middle.

          This essay is for other readers , to correct your BS instead of people thinking you have the first clue what you are talking about., You sound like you’re stuck in spriing 2016 when VIVE was the best, nobody thinks that anymore, quite the opposite. “”premium” lmao.. more expensive (due to HTC being skint) doesn’t make a product premium, the rift is twice as good as a product, luxury feel and build, even the packaging. Vive is abou as premium as a DK2. SMH.

          • LastActionHero

            Sounds like I hit a nerve

          • koenshaku

            LOL you knew what you were doing.

          • Andrew McMillan

            Sounds like you got schooled and have nothing to say

          • daveinpublic

            It’s not about hitting a nerve or winning a comment debate, it’s about using the best VR headset. If you pledge allegiance to once company you only hurt yourself.

          • RationalThought

            They just didn’t notice a troll right off the bat like some of the rest of us. “premium” Vr system was clear Troll speak.

          • NooYawker

            They’re both obvious trolls.

          • Domitjen

            I agree.

          • Schorsch

            He there is a reason why Vive people like “bows and swords waveshooters from 1972”. Because these are the only games where the wands make sense.

      • polysix

        I agree Konstantinos. Yet like that idiot I too blindly echoed the press releases and the anti-facebook BS for a long time until the sale and having given up on GEN 1 (let down by Vive’s jankiness and unusability) and PSVR’s bad tracking I was waiting for gen 2. Then I bought rift at an absolute bargain of a price on sale, was blown away by how much better it was over my ex-VIVE. I had led a lie uptil then (That LastActionHero is sadly still living, and rift woke me up again to the joy of VR – in gen 1. I’ve had VR since DK2 days and I develop stuff in UE4 and I know what feels right/best/good and PSVR and VIVE weren’t primetime ready, Rift actually feels like a product worth the cash. To me it’s worth twice as much as vive and is by far the premium product. Buthurt VIVE owners just can’t stand that idea that they bought a tarted up devkit with super-bad SDE and bad comfort with mickey mouse controllers so have to spread BS. Those of us like you and I that have owned both know the real truth. Everyone else is just guessing.

        Everytime I put rift on I’m still blown away by how hi-res it looks thanks to that pixel packing, I don’t even notice FOV (tuned out). Yet on ViVE everytime I put it on I couldn’t fail to notice the SDE, Mura, Lack of comfort and general unfinished feel. I also detested that almost perfect circle FOV look which was harder to tune out (the god rays on VIVE were also harder to tune out as they were actually higlighting the lenses like looking through bottle caps while on rift it’s more part of the game even though god rays on both sucks it’s much better on rift as you get used to it, coudln’t get used to it on vive – in menus like audio shield those lens ring reflections drove me insane!)

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      This kind of asumptions used to be taken for the truth. But the more Rift on the market, the less ppl will blindly buy this. Both headsets are pretty similar, with pros and cons on each side, but if you add deluxe audio strap and knukles, the price difference is quite obvious, even with 3rd camera for oculus. Vive’s domination is behind, for this generation at least.


      Yeah, just a little extra…extra for the deluxe head strap, extra for the’s only “premium” if you want larger room scale. Otherwise, it just costs more.

      • care package

        Of course small room scale will always dominate VR. The only hope for large room scale will be AR

    • polysix

      WTF are you talking about? There is nothing ‘premium’ about VIVE. I’ve had both. Vive felt like a dev kit. Rift feels ‘premium’. You sound like a serious a-hole saying that.

      • LastActionHero

        Don’t be upset, it’s still an OK VR system…….Just not the best.

        • polysix

          It is the best mate, I’ve had them both. I doubt you’ve even had one you friggin tit.

          • LastActionHero

            I opened my eyes, but I was using a Rift at the time and I could not see much due to the small FOV and dull screen.

          • Justos

            The screen is not dull, especially in comparison to the vive. The vive is brighter, but your eyes don’t need it. You sound like a fool who rehashes what hes read on r/vive. Go back there, where nobody will challenge those dumb points.

    • care package

      lol premium VR. Vive is more like pre consumer post dev kit, and if you want integrated headphones you can pay another $100, and who wants Touch controls that last 2 weeks on one battery? overrated I know, but hey, you have the right to like what you like.

    • Schorsch

      A “premium” headset without headphones, and with shitty awkward controllers and which needs additional stuff to be comfortable? 🙂 And as “bonus”, you get some indy crap from Steam to play. Dude, you be happy with your Kindergarten VR and your wands where you can play Archery Waveshooters through 2019….while we guys enjoy the better headset with polished AAA titles…all that while saving money as well.

    • D3stroyah

      these replies make me wonder wth people do with their brains

  • care package

    Title is a bit misleading. Touch is ‘catching up’ to total Rifts (HMDs) sold just in case someone reads it wrong.

  • Stranger On The Road

    was planning on waiting for the 2nd generation of VR on PC (have the PSVR) but this sale made me buy the OR right now. And I love it, the Touch is infinity better than the PS Move, and the availability of a VR player that can play local video contents is a major plus 🙂

    that said, I do hope that in the next generation of VR HMDs they might take some of the things that the PSVR has. Such as being more friendly to glasses, and having solid colours. While yes, the OR does have a higher resolution, I have to admit that the PSVR have better colours….. not sure why. And I do hope that Sony would release a proper VR controller in the future instead of the crappy PS Move.

    Currently looking forward to Aryzon’s AR headset, and perhaps getting the Daydream’s standalone HMD 🙂

  • Donald Bennett-Mace

    These discussions are why I’m currently looking for an alternative to Upload. I’ve suspected for awhile now that this site is filled with Rift fanboys. I wanted unbiased information about VR, but you just can’t get it with Upload. This site is just too biased for me. Road to VR seems the better page. Latas.

  • Griffin

    it was a mistake to ever sell the Rift without Motion Controls and RoomScale/multi camera fleshed out