Spec Sheet: Samsung, Dell, Acer, Asus Lenovo And HP’s Windows VR Headsets Compared

by Jamie Feltham • October 18th, 2017

Two weeks from today Microsoft finally launches its grand vision for virtual reality on Windows 10. On October 17th the company will release several new headsets, made in partnership with select companies, running on its new Windows Mixed Reality platform.

But which headset is right for you?

To answer that question, we’ve drafted up the below graph, which gives you an overview of the specs for each device stacked up to their prices and release dates. Take note that, while many of these headsets feature identical specs, their build quality and other ergonomic factors may well have a big impact on the experience they deliver. Which headset do you plan on picking up?

Editor’s Note: This spec comparison originally ran October 3, 2017. It was updated on October 18, 2017 since the headsets were released this week.

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