Samsung Odyssey’s OLED Display Stands Out Among Windows VR Headsets

by Ian Hamilton • October 2nd, 2017

Samsung’s VR headset for Windows 10 — the Odyssey — is equipped with OLED display panels.

We saw the headset leaked recently but now a page on Microsoft’s store was noted on Reddit that reveals the Samsung headset is priced around $500 with motion controllers included and Nov. 6 listed as its shipping date. It features a resolution of 2880 x 1600, compared with 2880×1440 on other headsets from Microsoft’s partners.

The Odyssey headset joins its LCD-equipped siblings in the holiday push. As we understand it both types of displays used in the new wave of VR headsets powered by Microsoft’s tracking technology are essentially low-persistence. This means they are only “illuminating the pixels on the screen for a tiny fraction of each frame length,” as Oculus once described the technology. This helps because “low-persistence eliminates the outdated display data that your eyes would normally see between frames.” The LCD screens other Microsoft partners are using for Windows 10-based VR headsets have “impulse backlighting” meant to “specifically target scenarios for immersive headsets.”

We’ll report back as soon as we go eyes-in with the Samsung headset to see if the OLED panels and resolution differ in significant ways. Samsung’s OLED panels are used on practically every existing high-end VR headset, with Microsoft’s other partners like HP and Acer using LCD screens to presumably lower cost.

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  • Thetrick

    Fuck Yeah!

  • Mane Vr

    hmmm this is looking like the one to get and the fact they been working with oculus with the gear i’m sure the lens they will use will be as good as the oculus rift

    • polysix

      It’s the best of the MS bunch by far, OLED is important, built in phones are important. It’s not night/day over the rift if you already have rift though (tested even said pimax “8k” wasn’t either so…) so I wouldn’t move to it from rift personally, but if you have a janky vive or sub-par PSVR (as I once did) then yes.. go for this or rift for gen 1 (or wait for LG’s HMD).. or wait for gen 2.

      • jeremyg85

        It has over 2 000 000 pixels more or 80% more resolution than the rift with superior OLED screen tech (newer tech, larger).

        The Pimax are cheap lens and screen constructed devices.

        • John Miller

          Janky vive never had a problem with the vive. You have yours set up wrong

    • Rook

      yeah will samsung get a free pass and be allowed on oculus home as well…. thats the question!

      • Mane Vr

        I think we’ll see windows MR hmd work on oculus home i think ms will let them work with oculus runtime

  • Graham

    Looks tempting! Look forward to the review!

  • Luke

    does it have a built in mic?

    • dk

      the MS store page which leaked it is archived … says “dual array mics”

  • Domitjen

    What about motion controllers,positional tracking, integrated headphones/mic, platform?

    • dk

      it’s a leak ….from the microsoft store …not an official announcement or preview

    • Bundy

      It’s part of Windows Mixed Reality so it’ll be like the others for controllers and inside out tracking.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    This could be a nice replacement for my rift.

  • impurekind

    The headset looks really nice . . . but the official controllers are just FUGLY as all hell imo.

  • Gonzalo Novoa

    The question is, what games would I be able to play with this?

    • John Miller

      none till it ties with steam

  • Ted Joseph

    Going to pick this one up. Will keep my rift though as I dont like it that it doesn’t have back of the head sensors for when you move your controllers out of sight…

    • Evgeni Zharsky

      Just out of curiosity, if you already have an oculus, why would you get this headset?

      • koenshaku

        Inside out tracking no doubt. It is much cleaner than having cameras and usb in a web. I am considering one even though I have an HTC Vive simply because it will be more portable and if the screens look better that is all the more reason as an affordable option.

        • polysix

          too many drawbacks for these in gen 1. If you’ve got rift just keep it till gen 2. The res increase isn’t much nor really worth the downsides of worse controller tracking and less robust HMD tracking (inside out or not – I’d rahter use 2/3 cams and have good tracking)

          Compared to vive? absolutely, get this. Vive is awful. I sold mine, janky, SDE laden, bad controls, bad ergonomics… don’t answer for someone who has rift though, Rift is so much better than vive already (included sharpness/clarity of in game graphics) and way outclasses vive on ergonomics and controls.

          That’s not to keep fence sitters or those without any VR from buying btw, if you have nothing or ‘just’ a Vive or PSVR then yes.. go buy rift or this Samsung one (ignore the other MS MRs) because you WILL want built in phones and OLED – good blacks are essential in VR.

          Now if only they have stopped god rays? but still using fresnel isn’t it?

          • koenshaku

            Ah the fanboy strikes again that hasn’t even touched the device.. Your comments are so ridiculous they don’t even deign a response, but from reports here with test so far the inside out tracking is just fine on the MS MR HMDs. ^__^

          • jeremyg85

            It has over 2 000 000 pixels more or 80% more resolution than the rift with superior OLED screen tech (newer tech, larger).

            Also it has an IPD sensor which should decrease setup time when you show it to friends.

  • GrangerFX

    I don’t see a hinge and none of the photos of the Odyssey show it lifted up. Does this mean it works like the PSVR with a forward/back slide rather than a hinge?

  • PrymeFactor

    This looks to be a significantly better all-round buy than Rift or Vive. Not just the resolution increase. Portability and ease of setup across multiple location is a massive deal.

    Basically, you can set up your VR play space across multiple locations in minutes…no need for extra long USB cables (Rift) or power sockets and stands for lighthouse trackers (Vive).

  • wrapter

    Will SLI be supported like HTC Vive is?