Samsung Odyssey+ Is Just $299 This Week – 40% Off Sale

by David Heaney • February 18th, 2019

Samsung is offering an incredible deal this week — its Odyssey+ PC VR headset is just $299. This saves $200 (40%) from the regular $499 price.

Odyssey+ is the refreshed version of the original Odyssey, which was Samsung’s first PC VR headset released in 2017. The Odyssey+ launched in October, adding a new “anti screen door effect” technology to the OLED diplays, as well as ergonomic and weight improvements.

The Odyssey+ is a PC VR headset that leverages Microsoft’s Windows MR platform built into Windows 10. This platform is the default experience for the headset and the Microsoft Store is the default store, but it also works with SteamVR by usingĀ Microsoft’s SteamVR drivers.

The Odyssey+ has the same resolution asĀ HTC Vive Pro, yet is significantly cheaper. The Vive Pro with base stations and controllers starts at $1,098.

The main difference in these two headsets is the positional tracking technology. The Vive Pro uses the SteamVR “Lighthouse” tracking system, whereas the Odyssey+ uses the two cameras on the front of the headset for “inside-out” tracking. Lighthouse generally provides better tracking quality with more tracked range for controller motion, but inside-out tracking requires no external hardware setup, making it less hassle and more portable.

When we reviewed the 2017 Odyssey we we impressed, concluding that it sits among the best VR headsets on the market. By some reports, the Odyssey+ is even better and at $299 it’s a steal. Remember, this headset can play most VR games on Steam.

The only time we’ve seen a VR headset with this resolution reach a price this low was Black Friday.

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