Save Big On PSVR Games In PlayStation’s 2018 Winter Sale

by Jamie Feltham • December 21st, 2018

What’s that? You already did your Christmas shopping? Well, hate to break it to you, but practically every big PSVR game is on sale right now. Sorry, wallet.

Steam, Oculus and the PlayStation Store have all launched their big end of year sales and there’s a heck of a lot to rifle through. We’ve already been through Steam’s offerings here and a breakdown of Oculus is coming soon, but we’ve rounded up some of the best deals for PSVR down below right here.

Sony has promotions going on in both US and EU stores right now, though the latter’s massive January Sale is a sight to behold. Practically every big VR game is on offer including:

Superhot VR for £12.99, Moss for £14.99, Downward Spiral for £7.39, Astro Bot for £19.99 and Resident Evil 7 for £12.99. If you were lucky enough to get a headset this Christmas and want to catch up on some games then do yourself a favor and check these out.

Over in the US the ongoing Winter Sale remains pretty solid. You could get Rick and Morty VR for $14.99, Farpoint for $9.99, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for $5.99, Arizona Sunshine for $15.99 Evasion for $29.99, Batman for $11.99, Raw Data for $19.99, PlayStation VR Worlds for $5.99, or Statik for $9.99.

Additional reporting contributed by David Jagneaux.

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