SeaWorld Ditches VR On Rollercoaster Due To Extended Wait Lines

by Jamie Feltham • September 24th, 2018

Adding VR to existing rollercoasters seems to be the new big thing for amusement parks, but SeaWorld Orlando is heading in the opposite direction.

The park’s Kraken Unleashed ride, which first added VR support last year, has now completely removed headsets, according to Attractions Magazine. A spokesperson told the publication that the park made the decision last month “based on ride experience and guest feedback”, stating that “most guests still love the traditional Kraken coaster experience.” SeaWorld currently doesn’t have any plans to introduce any other VR tech to the park.

Meanwhile, a report from The Associated Press states that the time taken to clean and adjust headsets between rides also played a big part in this decision. Apparently, the extra maintenance was slowing down waiting lines too much.

In VR, Kraken Unleashed took you deep underwater to explore the ocean floor. As the name suggests, it’s not long until you come face-to-tentacle with an enormous Kraken that reckons you’d make a good meal.

It’s an interesting development given that many thought amusement-based VR would serve as a key way for the industry to generate money whilst we wait for headsets to really catch on with consumers. Still, there are plenty of other sites across the globe still supporting VR tech in their attractions. But will any of them follow suit?

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