Polished VR Shooter Seeking Dawn Getting Free To Play Edition This Week

by Jamie Feltham • October 22nd, 2018

Remember Seeking Dawn? It was a visually splendid VR shooter from Multiverse that released a little earlier this year. We’d all but forgotten about it, but a mysterious free to play version of the experience was just listed on Steam.

According to the listing the free version of the game will launch on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets just in time for Halloween on October 26th. The page doesn’t actually include a great deal of information about how this version will differ from the original other than the features section, which notes players will take on “a terrifying boss” as opposed to “terrifying bosses” in the full game’s listing.

That says to us that this will likely be more like a demo than an actually fully playable free version with microtransactions. That said it does also list online player, so we’ve reached out to Multiverse to find out all the same. Back in August a developer road map for the game did promise that the PSVR version will be arriving in December, so we’ve asked if that’s still the case too.

We thought Seeking Dawn had its charms, but ultimately grinding and resource management bogged the game down too much. The idea of a free to play version that could let you bypass some of those elements by chipping in a little money is actually somewhat appealing, though it would have to be handled respectfully, of course.

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