Learn How to Setup Your PlayStation VR Quickly With Sony’s Handy Video Guides

by Jamie Feltham • October 10th, 2016

For the most part, PlayStation VR is pretty easy to set up. There are some tricky wires to handle and space requirements to clear, though, which Sony detailed in a new video series below.

The company released this quick and easy three part series today so that players can get up and running ASAP when the kit launches on Thursday. Part one gives you a virtual unboxing (if you hadn’t already watched enough real ones,) part two shows you what to actually do with the things you’ll find inside, while the third and final part tells you how to setup your play area so that it’s both safe and suitable. We really think this all could have been one combined┬ávideo, but then again our attention spans are very…

Uh, where were we? Anyway, once you’ve completed these steps you’ll be good to finally dive into VR. It’s the end of a long chapter in the headset’s history, having originally been revealed all the way back in March 2014 under the code name of Project Morpheus. It arrives on October 13th with an impressive launch line-up including the likes of Battlezone, Here They Lie, and Job Simulator. If you’re having trouble choosing what to get, check out our 50 Days Of PlayStation VR countdown where we’ve highlighted one game a day. Just three days left to go!

You should also be sure to check out our full review of the headset, complete with our assessment of the hardware, design, and tracking. We’ll have plenty more PS VR coverage going forward, so stay tuned. There are also plenty of PS VR games we’ve already reviewed here with even more coming soon.

Anyone that’s used a Rift or Vive should have no problem, but if you’ve always been a console gamer, it may be worth taking a few minutes to look over these videos just to avoid any surprises on launch day later this week.

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  • Nicholas Mann

    So much play space needed and it’s not even room scale ­čśÉ People were complaining about the setup space needed for the vive but at least you use 90% of that space to move around.

  • Peter Heine Bech

    Looks perfect, Sony. Don’t listen to anything else. You will be the VR headset for the masses.

  • Will Newton

    I think the recommended space needed is between 6ft -9.8ft away from the camera because you can’t got further than 9.8ft because the camera doesn’t track that far it only tracks upto 9.8 ft and if your below 6ft towards the camera so if closer than 6ft to the camera you would be to close to the camera and be out of play area because you’re to close so am gonna have mine 8 ft away from the came because that’s not closer than 6 ft and it’s not further than 9.8feet so it’s like between them both