Shadow Legend Delayed An Extra Week Due To Lingering Bug (Update)

by David Jagneaux • February 27th, 2019

[Update] – Bad news! Shadow Legend is once again delayed an extra week. The same issue plaguing a subset of Steam beta testers has not been resolved so the team at Vitruvis have decided to delay Shadow Legend, once again, an extra week. This means the new release date is actually now March 7th, 2019.

In an email today, Blake Stone from Vitrivuis explained, “We just want to make sure everyone’s first experience with the game is a good one. We may have even already fixed the issue but it still feels too rushed to release tomorrow without more testing.”

[Original] – Sheathe your swords and lower your spells; Shadow Legend is getting delayed an extra week just a day before it was set to launch tomorrow. The new release date for VitruviusVR’s action adventure RPG is now February 28th, 2019.

Here’s the official statement fromĀ Blake Stone at Vitruvius that we were provided via email:

Unfortunately we had to postpone the release date of Shadow Legend by one week, to February 28th. We have one outstanding bug that is effecting 10-15% of players and we want to resolve this issue before launch to ensure everyone has the best experience with the game.

Only a week isn’t much of a delay and shows that they’re trying to make sure launch goes as smoothly as possible. The developers also expanded on the issue via a Steam update post:

We have some bad news to report. We haven’t been able to fix a rendering/loading bug in the game, so we will be delaying the launch until Feb 28th. YouTubers that were planning on posting videos this week, please hold off until next week. Big thanks to everyone who has been/still is helping us with this issue.

Shadow Legend is looking like a highly ambitious VR project for such a small team. It’s being designed as a roughly 5-6 hour RPG with visceral sword combat, magic, and a thriving world that you can interact with. There’s also a light world vs dark world mechanic at play to add some extra flair.

You can see in the gameplay trailer above that it’s certainly more robust than many of the tech demo style releases you see on Steam every day. It’s still a linear adventure and is a far cry from the massive 100+ hour sandbox of games like Skyrim VR, but as something built from the ground up for virtual reality by a tiny team there is a lot of promise here.

Check back next week for our full review just as the game launches on Steam. The PSVR port is still planned for later this year. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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