Patrick Stewart Stars In First Trailer For Oculus Quest’s Shadow Point

by Jamie Feltham • April 10th, 2019

Back at GDC in March we were introduced to Shadow Point, the latest from Esper developer Coatsink. As with a lot of Quest games, though, gameplay footage is being kept under wraps. Today we can show you a bit more of it with this first trailer.

As you’ve probably heard, Shadow Point stars none other than Sir Patrick Stewart. He plays Edger Mansfield, narrating his journal as you explore an entirely new world with the help of Shadow Point Observatory. But, while it’s great to see Stewart in a VR game, Shadow Point itself looks very promising. The game offers fantastical adventuring with puzzles that play on optical illusions.

Several points in the trailer suggest the game will have some really innovative challenges. Shadow Point looks like it will play with scale, shape and space in ways that could really work in VR. That, combined with Coatsink’s typically whimsical art style and charmingly British approach, have us hoping that this will be a winner.

Shadow Point will be touching down on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest this year. We don’t exactly when either version will launch, but the game will support cross-buy on both platforms. That means you can pay for it on one headset and pick it up for free on the other. Yay!

Looking for more Quest goodness? We’ve been rounding up every game that’s coming to the device as we head towards its spring release window. Oculus is also counting down to launch with weekly updates on games coming to the platform. We’re expecting to see a few more of those later on today.

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