Should You Play ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ in VR?

by David Jagneaux • January 23rd, 2017

Sitting in the audience of the Sony press conference at E3 2016 was a special moment in the VR industry for me. It was the last major event before the launch of the PlayStation VR headset and the stage featured footage and announcements for several VR games over the course of the evening. During that show is also where Sony revealed Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 for the very first time and announced that the entire game would be playable in VR.

Now the wait is finally over. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard [Review: 9/10] releases tomorrow, January 24th, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with optional PS VR support on PS4.

If you’ve got a Rift or Vive, it won’t support those platforms at launch, but that could change sometime next year. But if you’re playing it on PS4, then VR is an option on the table immediately. While seeing it through your own eyes in a virtual reality headset is an incredibly intense way of experiencing the world of Resident Evil 7, it isn’t for everyone.

You can read our full review for the final verdict on the game as a whole, but this article aims to answer one big question: Should you play RE7 in VR?

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard_20170118144925

If You Get Motion Sick Easily, Then No

Motion sickness is, thankfully, not something I have to grapple with. I’ve played all manner of seated, standing, room-scale, motion controller, gamepad, and other types of VR games and I’ve only ever felt a bit dizzy once, which was primarily due to the fact that I was intentionally pushing myself in testing an app. During standard play, it’s never bothered me. Following E3, reports started coming out that motion sickness was a major concern for Resident Evil 7, as it affected lots of different people.

In the wake of that news, Capcom instituted several measures to try and combat those issues. While playing the game in VR, you can adjust your movement speed, you can set rotations to degree turns instead of smooth movement, and you can even toggle on and off FOV dimming, similar to the tactic seen in Eagle Flight.

However, despite all of that, if you’re sensitive to motion sickness issues, this game may still bother you. Luckily, you can reload your save file and switch between VR and non-VR at essentially any time, making it easy to swap in and out of the headset and take frequent breaks. But consider yourself warned that it may not feel great if you don’t have well-established VR legs.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard_20170119183142

If You Love Being Scared, Then Yes

After playing the entire game in VR and replaying several bits outside of VR, I can confirm that it is absolutely more terrifying inside of Sony’s headset. The 3D spatial audio will have you checking over your shoulder at all times while the immersive 3D visuals surround you in darkness. I found myself slowly creeping forward and peeking around corners much more than I did outside of the headset.

It’s also a great way to play the game if you’ve got other people around. If they don’t care for horror games, they can watch something else on TV while you play, but if they enjoy these types of games, it’s so much more entertaining to watch someone jump inside a headset.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard_20170119163546

If You Are Easily Frightened, Then No

A good litmus test for whether or not Resident Evil 7 in VR would be too much for you is to give Until Dawn: Rush of Blood [Review: 7/10] a try. That’s a PS VR-exclusive on-rails shooter. It’s full of action and lots of shooting with a handful of creepy moments and solid jump-scares to keep you on your toes.

If that game is too much, then you probably can’t handle Resident Evil 7 in VR. With RE7, you’ll spend more time ripping the headset off, hands shaking, than you will actually playing the game. It’s slow, deliberate pace is a far cry from the fast-paced intensity of Rush of Blood. If you’re determined though, then give our Coward’s Guide a look for some advice on how to get through the nightmare.


If You Have Trouble Aiming a Gun With a Gamepad, Then Yes

This revelation wasn’t expected on my end, but it shouldn’t have came as such a surprise. I’ve never been good at aiming in shooters while playing with a gamepad. My right thumb just doesn’t seem to possess the subtle dexterity needed to excel in those sorts of games and I’ve found that I always perform better with a mouse in my hand for that type of precision. As it turns out, my head is a capable replacement.

When playing RE7 in VR, the right thumbstick can be used to control your horizontal movement, but not vertical (this is to help avoid motion sickness). While holding down L2, an aiming icon appears on-screen and you can move it with the right analog stick. But when the headset’s on your face, you can also tweak the aiming with your actual head movement too. This lets you fine-tune your aiming and make small, but impactful adjustments to alter your aiming ever so slightly. It helped me land many more head shots than I would have otherwise.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard_20170119163233

If You Want The Best Graphics, Then No

While Resident Evil 7 is more immersive in VR due to the simple fact that you feel like you’re part of the game world instead of just looking at it on a screen, the actual visual fidelity is a bit lower. Resolution is noticeably decreased with a minor screen door effect and some textures suffer from obvious pop-in issues. Shadows were hit-or-miss in some areas as well.

Outside of VR is a different story. Visuals were crisp and detailed with well-balanced light and shadows. It’s reminiscent of P.T., the cryptic teaser released by Hideo Kojima and Konami for the now-canceled Silent Hills. Any way you look at it though, outside of VR provides the better visual experience in terms of graphical power.


If You Want To Be Immersed, Then Yes

Despite that fact, VR still feels like a more immersive way of enjoying the same game. When you’re hiding around the corner from a big bad guy stalking you, it feels incredibly realistic to poke your head out by physically leaning over in the real world. I still get goosebumps thinking about the way this game made me feel.

When an enemy picks you up off the ground and gets in your face while you’re wearing a VR headset, it’s as if you can really feel yourself being lifted off of the ground. The creaking doors, disgusting growls, and creepy slithering sounds around you are certainly enough to shake even the hardest of gamers.

Do you plan on playing Resident Evil 7 in VR? Are you going to wait until next year to hopefully try it out on the Vive or Rift? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!

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  • LarZen

    I dont know why but I do not get motion sick in RE7. In other games I have to use teleportation to avoid it but for some reason I can play more or less none stop in this game. Could be the relative slow walking and the 30* angle turning that does it. Or that I’m slowly getting my VR legs… That said it’s nice to finally play a full AAA game in VR.

  • Jerry Gerace

    I’m scared, but I have to play it,lol

    • You know this in your heart of hearts to be true. I’m here if you need me.

      • JSM21

        ROFL…I bet you are..right there laughing at his every scare, but you are there at least that counts, right? lolol

  • Cody Moore

    I am so bummed with this exclusive crap anymore. Just let us with a vive play it too. Tired of consoles screwing everyone over so much these days.

    • JSM21

      Well each VR platform is doing it even the Vive….yeah I do agree they should each be cross-over esp. since there aren’t a lot of ppl on each VR platform so it would give multi-player games more of a pool to work w/.

      • Reels Rihard

        Absolutely. You would think corps would port through to all Vr platforms until there’s a “healthy” market but it is what it is. Eventually RE7 Vr will come to all headsets hopefully.

        • Get Schwifty!

          Let’s see.. develop for perhaps several million customers on the PS4, or target the 500K+ Vive/Rift market…. hmmmmm…. don’t expect them to support VR as an idea, that’s not how business works, the costs to port to the PC alone dont justify the market,.

          • Shrugn

            You can’t really compare the wide array of PS4 customers and the specific Vive/Rift customers. It’s either “the few who got a PSVR and the few who got a Rift / Vive”, or “millions on PS4 and millions on PC”.
            If they dev’ed for the PSVR, they could have just ported to Rift and Vive easily from there. As a matter of fact, the exclusivity only concerning the VR part of the game probably means that they plan on releasing a Rift/Vive version at some point anyway.

            I’d go as far as agree with Reels Rihard and tell that not releasing it day1 on Vive and Rift which are the biggest VR techs at the present time may actually hurt the PSVR too. Because the lack of real games is what is keeping the tech from being seen as more as an overpriced gadget. The games need to be widely distributed in order to make VR as a whole shine. Not to mention it would sell more copies of the game – I’m not getting RE7 before it’s available on Vive because I don’t want to miss on the experience, and I certainly won’t buy a PSVR now that I have a Vive!

          • Reels Rihard

            I agree on your first point. Vr will be an overpriced gadget for a bit. No matter what hmd you have, we’re all “very early adopters” of the tech. That said, I believe Vr is a slow slow burn. Basically because the installed base of all hmd’s is small as we’ve both stated. ROI is very risky.

            Vr is almost in a catch 22 situation right now. There’s so many improvements Vr has to go through before it’s ready for the “mainstream” buyer to just, pick one up. Price point is high on all hmds. $700 and up from a standstill, too many wires, ease of use, better fov, better resolution and of course, high on the priority list is content.

            Content, this is where entertainment media companies can help Vr gain traction. Movies and music would help propel Vr forward. Right now, big directors and actors are also testing the waters, like dev houses. Then industry itself. I’m fully aware of the many possibilies of Vr. Not just games.

          • Shrugn

            Yeah, the whole tech is on the edge : high price and lack of actual, real content, be it video games ( the glaring main target audience for now ) or anything really makes it a risky investment for customers, and therefore for content providers. And while I understand companies would like to secure exclusive content in order to get more orders and money, I think it hurts everyone in the long run !

            That’s why locking RE7 VR to the PSVR only, even for only one year, is a bad idea. It just slows down the influx of VR applications and does nothing to help the tech takes off. The same way the modeling app Medium being a Rift exclusive is a bad thing ( fortunately there is Revive ).

            Oh, and just to clarify, I was answering to Get Schwifty! Disqus comments stop nesting after 3, sadly. I was kinda triggered by the weird comparison between the potentially huge PS4 customer base to the small VR on PC customer base, which is just wrong imho. And anyway since they already both developped RE7 for VR AND ported RE7 to PC anyway, the cost of porting RE7 VR to Vive and Oculus would be near irrelevant. They never targeted a particular audience : they just sold exclusivity for the VR to Sony. It’s stupid. Even making the whole game a PS4 exclusive would have make more sense. But I can’t expect Sony to make smart moves, heh. :/

          • Reels Rihard

            I knew you were replying to Schwifty. I said the same thing as you, but with a different angle. It was definitely an odd comparison on Schwifty’s part. That’s why I said he may have misunderstood my point.

            In my first draft, I had the same thought as you about RE7 being hurt by PSVR exclusivity, so I agree with you there too. The way I wrote it though, just didn’t fit the flow of the post.

          • daveinpublic

            Depends on why they made it exclusive. For all we know, the conversation went like this. Sony, “Can you make RE7 VR compatible?” Capcom, “No, it’s too much money.” Sony, “We’ll pay for it, but it has to be PSVR exclusive.” Capcom, “OK.” In this case, Sony not creating this exclusive would have resulted in one less quality VR game. We have no way, of knowing how this went, but in life I’ve found to give people the benefit of the doubt. And if you really have a problem with a business’ practice, you have the freedom to create your own business and do things a different way. Not going to? That’s exactly what I anticipated.

          • flyinb11

            How are you defining “biggest vr tech” ? From what I’ve seen, psvr has outsold both combined.

          • Shrugn

            I never consider sales to be representative of quality 😉 The PSVR may have outsold the other solutions, but it’s probably because of the price tag alone which makes it more affordable as a curiosity ( VS what I’d call a dedication when you spend close to 1000€ on a Vive! )
            When I say “biggest techs”, I mean it quite litteraly : they are the better techs, the most impressive techs. PSVR is almost a gimmick compared to Rift and Vive ; Vive having the most options right out of the box with no sold separately accessories – but Rift is close when you get all accessories. Touch controllers, roomscale, 360° head tracking, etc…

            Some more thoughts more or less related to your question :
            Sure people can get immersed into a game with the PSVR, but it still plays the same : seat, grab a DS4, face your Ps4Cam/TV. At that price tag, it’s not a surprise ; but for the VR technology as a whole, it’s somewhat bad. It’s not very different from the previous 3D stereoscopic solutions that, as we know, bombed. VR needs not only be a visual thing, it needs to be a new experience, a new way to approach gaming. In RE7 case, I mean, yeah, you are visually immersed, but… that’s pretty much it. Anyone who played, say, some Arizona Sunshine, or Vanishing Realms, or Raw Data, despite not being fully “authentic” AAA games, would understand how much the PSVR and the whole Sony exclusivity deal are holding the game’s potential back – and ultimately hurting VR by denying the other headsets on PC one of the very first, thought for VR, real AAA game.
            To be honest at this point I’m thinking of just getting the game on PC ( tried VR it at work, they bought a PS4 and PSVR for some reasons? as well as the demo with vorpX) and playing it flat-mode. My hopes for a “proper” Vive / Rift port are extremely low… :/

          • Multiplataformgamerz

            “PSVR is almost a gimmick compared to Rift and Vive” with fresnel lens, SDE and being uncomfortable unless you are a fanboy that will reply “i don’t feel uncomfortable at all”, everyone on his mind can agree that, plus having a RT of 120 FPS, higher subpixels, good lens system and debatable higher FOV than the Oculus, despite the specs saying otherwise, this coming from an Oculus owner, this depending on how close to your eyes you position the visor on the psvr.

            Anyway, they are more capable due to the hardware base (PC) and so it makes sense for them to have a better resolution (in pixels, lower on subpixels), and we can agree that they have a better controller tracking, but bashing another product from the ignorance is just stupid. Btw the psvr also has 360 headtracking, and you can play standing up in RE7 and do all sort of things, seriously try better next time.

            IMHO, the 3 headsets are helping VR to take off.

          • Reels Rihard

            I think you’ve misunderstood me here. I’m talking about Vr. There’s more PSVR out there but how much more? Take all the headsets together and release on all for a better ROI. Keep in mind, a game doesn’t have to release simultaneously on all 3 headsets.

            In no way did I suggest making Vr games as an idea. Where you got that from is beyond me. Getting the best ROI for Vr, definitely involves releasing on as many platforms as possible. It’s part of why Ubi released Werewolves Within on all headsets. One of the things stopping this, low sales of the title in question. The developers of Space Rift staggered their games release. Pc, then PS4. They’re working on something they need to finish and said they start Space Rift 2 in 2017 according to an email they sent me. That’s what I’m talking about.

            If you’d bothered to understand my last comment about RE7 HOPEFULLY coming to all pc headsets, you’d realise, I’m aware of money and other factors determining RE7’s release on pc headsets.

          • Konchu

            I agree this is likely the case as it take time to groom VR tweaks to the system and with more market penetration it makes sense.

            Perhaps with standardization it will get better on PC with time, we have at least 3 vying SDK’s Oculus/SteamVR/and OSVR at the moment and possibly an upcoming 4th in the Microsoft HoloLense based headsets(I have no idea what some of the other headsets are doing.) I know they are all working toward a standard and that will help a ton when the major engine makers can make VR implementations mindlessly easy.

    • luis riera

      Oculus was doing the exclusive crap first, not consoles.

      • Cody Moore

        Ummm no consoles have been for a long ass time. But yes oculus is lame by following them in vr now.

        • Reels Rihard

          How are consoles screwing everyone or am I misunderstanding your thought?

          • Cody Moore

            Exclusives and timed exclusive content on the consoles? Locking content away from a player base is never good and now it’s bleeding into pc games with oculus shit trying and failing to separate pc gamers as well. And now with the psvr content locked from pc edition

          • Get Schwifty!

            If Oculus “failed” then what is the issue… at least on the PC? Consoles have done this from day one…. the world doesn’t revolve around the PC and that’s coming from a strong PC-user…. platforms are the way the majority of gaming works in the world, like it or not.

          • koenshaku

            Cody makes a good point. It is a targeted exclusive at PC since Xbox has no VR headset. Like with the original PlayStation Sony is bullying the market again and Capcom is back to being their b1tch. I may buy this when it is around $15 for PC as a result.

          • Reels Rihard

            How so?

          • Reels Rihard

            Exclusivity isn’t always cut and dried. If you’re a first party dev for console, of course that’ll be exclusive. If you’re a pc dev only, then pc exclusivity is warranted. A corp could pay for exclusivity (usually bad), fund a game that wouldn’t have gotten made without said funding (good, most of the time.) A dev house may not have the manpower to release on 3 or more platforms simultaneously, thus timed exclusivity (good). A game can release on a platform, however due to low sales of the game, other versions are not viable.

            Keep in mind, Windows games aren’t usually ported to Mac and Linux in droves. Do you complain about this?

            These hmd’s are new competing platforms, even though Vive is open. They’ve got to give consumers reasonable value to purchase hardware. Exclusivity is one of those ways. We have no idea why it’s exclusive. I’m not saying it’s ok, just that there may be an actual reason.

          • Dragonborn399

            PS VR is actually selling, still not amazing but for VR to make it, consoles need to be there.

          • Dragonborn399

            PS VR games are also made directly for PS4, so that is no fault of consoles. The PC exclusive stuff makes no sense since Vive and Oc. are same platform.

        • Dragonborn399

          Also Oculus and Vive are more guilty of exclusives because they literally are on the same platform, yet… have diff games?!

        • Out_of_user_names

          Can’t blame VR hardwares, it is tough to port things across platforms, Web developers spent years worth of coding to make IE8 compatible web apps, I would guess it is way more difficult for game developers to do that. Saying “same platform” adds insult to the injury :=)

      • Uncle

        Oculus doing great Job, you just cant do 1+1

    • Brizzle Bray

      I’d say you’re lucky it’s on any other platform than PlayStation tbh, since it was originally released for PlayStation.

      • koenshaku

        No one is lucky they have to offset development cost or go out of business. Exclusives are an expensive price to pay, but the highest price paid is at the expense of gamers.

        • Reels Rihard

          You haven’t the foggiest idea why the Vr mode is exclusive. None of us do.

          • koenshaku

            All I am saying is that development cost has gone up since the original resident evil. That is why you see it on other platforms. What that has to do with the VR mode you should leave a comment about it with someone that is actually talking about it..

          • Reels Rihard

            Except I read both of your comments. One about Sony bullying, and the Vr is targeted at pc, Capcom as Sony’s bitch, blah blah. Not buying until it’s $15 as a result. Did you forget what you wrote? So I already have left a comment to someone talking about it, you.

          • koenshaku

            No you commented at a different comment about VR and a weather condition metaphor. Why don’t you go ahead and make your point so I can comment on it..

          • Reels Rihard

            I responded to you and your comments period. They’re not in a vacuum. Goalposts moved. We’re done here.

          • koenshaku

            You could have kept your comment if you don’t care to elaborate on my foggy condition about VR exclusivity. What is your dark sea waters? lol

    • AlucarD

      Just buy a PS4. If you really like videogames, then you cannot stay without a Ps4

      • ummm…

        hahahahahahahahahahahhahhhahaha. i LOVE games. everyday (try to); I haven’t consoled gamed for over a decade – besides my wii.

        • AlucarD

          You’re missing a lot of games, and that’s for a VG lover is not acceptable.

          • David D. Taylor

            With your understanding, then if you don’t have an Xbox One… on top of PS4 and PC… you are missing a lot of games? PC has a far larger library of games than PS4 and Xbox. A true VG lover wouldn’t care what platform, and would try to have them all, or at least consent that they’d like to have them all. Your statement that you need a PS4 to be a real VG fan is a poor opinion, and one of someone who is not a true VG fan. That’s the opinion of a Sony fan, not a VG fan… in my opinion… 🙂

          • AlucarD

            My opinion is that if you really like VG then you need a PS4, just because you will miss a lot of good exclusive and japanese games. And you need a PC too, of course

          • David D. Taylor

            But the same argument could be made for Xbox and Nintendo. There are many great exclusives on those platforms as well. A true fan of Video Games would strive to play them all, or at the very least, wish that they could. I have an Xbox because I prefer the exclusives from Microsoft over those from Sony, but there are many titles on PS4 that I’d love to play… and hopefully will have the money/time to do so in the future… My only issue is when you assume that if you really like VGs, then you have to have a PS4.

          • Uncle

            He is 1000000% right, I had everything like you described but the day MS announced that Quantum Break and Gears 4 coming to PC and everyX1 game in future will too I decided to sell mine.
            Now I have a PC and PS4PRO, I will get a Scorpio if they make X360 backwards compatible games run in 4K, if they wont, well than there is ZERO reasons for Windows 10 user to get Xbox.

          • ummm…

            i dunno. i like pc games more. until recently there appeared to be a different ethic governing the devlopment of PC Games – and maybe because of early access that is being preserved to some degree. What am I missing on the consoles that isn’t recycled and formulaic?

          • AlucarD

            You’re missing a lot of Japanese games and ps4 exclusives

          • ummm…

            i have romance of 3 kingdoms on pc or as a rom.

          • Uncle

            Its not PC games OR Console games, its BOTH

          • ummm…

            maybe red dead

    • Ahmed Amar Al-hamdi

      I know it’s frustrating but it’s important to have perspective about this , VR development needs to be profitable to the developer otherwise they won’t bother making games for it, that’s why oculus Sony and vive are all directly funding games in exchange for exclusivity because otherwise the games won’t be as profitable and VR won’t be a good market to invest in.
      VR games on their own won’t generate a lot of profit for developers given the reality that they won’t sell as much copys as they would in normal games.

    • also for oculus..

    • Master E

      I have PSVR and been loving it… I feel bad for everyone not being able to wreck this on their Vive or Oculus. It’s just not good for VR period.

      At least Vive and Oculus owners don’t have to deal with Sonys lack of VR Web Browsing and content overall.

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      at least it’s time-limited, Oculus screws up everyone by making the games perma-exclusives, say “thanks sony” for making VR possible in RE7, or else you wouldn’t have it even on PC

  • JSM21

    No way I am playing this if it comes out on the Rift….I have seen 2 diff guys experiences diff things and seen the pics of it and there is no way in hell I would want to play it.. I don’t like the GORY crap. eww

  • Lastaugust

    VR for me starting at midnight (after install) with friends over. I thought I was good at horror games, and not scared until I played VR horror.

  • Max

    Was going to buy on PC but as no VR support I am not going to bother. Prefer to vote with my wallet when Sony mandate developers into doing things that is bad for the vr industry as a whole.

    • Uncle

      Its not a VR game, its 2D game with VR Support that someone paid to create.

      You should thank Sony for paying for it, otherwise Capcom wouldn’t have it at all,.

      Its like the angry mob that screams at Oculus for Exclusive games, people just dont understand anything in economy and business and throw tantrums like screeching babies.

  • Don’t ban me bro

    I know oculus started it but all these companies are aiding in holding VR back. VR is a fledging platform and none of this exclusive crap is helping any of the devices succeed.

    • Get Schwifty!

      No they didn’t… it’s been like this forever since the first Atari…. people are all butt hurt because they bought a Vive and they cant play every possible game… get used to it, it’s always this way. Same is true for Rift users in a few cases as well., there are a few Vive games that just don’t map in well.

      • koenshaku

        Ever since huge companies like MS and Sony decided to have a hardware war we have seen fewer and fewer exclusive and platform agnostic games have become common place to keep up with the increased development cost due to programming for higher end hardware and having to create huge worlds. It is fair to say most people are were used to not having 3rd party developers produce exclusive titles. This only happened because Sony did not want the first AAA title to support VR being released and reviewers talking about how much better the experience was on the PC platforms. Who better to jump on board with their hands out then their traditional lapdog Capcom.. The VR market is really small right now anyway with around almost a million HMDs on either side PC rift/vive/OSVR and PSVR. Capcom should not have peed in the pool with this title.

    • Uncle

      Actually its the OTHER way around, you got it wrong.

      • Don’t ban me bro


  • Jeywig

    Do you recommend playing this standing or seated?

    • koenshaku

      You won’t be using your arms much, the only input method is a dual shock controller you may as well be comfortable while you use it sitting.

    • Bart Vanraes

      I prefer standing and turn my body instead of the right stick when possible.

      Your ingame character doesn’t always follow your movements though but it’s a minor issue.
      Too bad that you still have to press the crouch button even if you are physically on your knees.
      Hopefully they’ll patch this.

    • flyinb11

      I play seated.

  • I love Resident Evil saga, so yes!!! But I haven’t a PSVR, so no 🙁

  • ummm…

    no i shouldnt play it in vr – because i have a vive. in 12 months i may not even care about it as there will be other games out for vr. sorry RE, you lost your chance.

    • SHunter

      I will get it when its released on VR for the real HMD players. Not some cheap walmart PlayStation VR shit.

  • Dai10zin

    “When playing RE7 in VR, the right thumbstick can be used to control your horizontal movement, but not vertical (this is to help avoid motion sickness).”

    This is really unfortunate, because the opposite occurs for me. I played the demo and not being able to control the vertical camera movement made me feel ill. Whereas I have no problem with the camera controls of something actually fast paced like RIGS.

    • KuraIthys

      Did you try the demo in VR? The point of the comment is that in VR all camera movement should, where possible, map directly to head movements, and movement using a controller should be avoided or minimised.
      But some types of controller based movements are worse than others.
      Plus, given being able to control the view by moving your head, vertical camera adjustment with a controller is redundant, but horizontal control is still needed if you expect players to be able to turn around somewhat easily.

      • Dai10zin

        “Did you try the demo in VR? The point of the comment is that in VR all camera movement should, where possible, map directly to head movements, and movement using a controller should be avoided or minimised.”

        Yes, I did (play in VR). But I disagree with your claim that camera movement should be limited solely to head movements (where possible).

        It’s been awhile since I jumped into RIGS, but I feel like that provided the user with vertical control via the controller. Maybe I need to load it up again to verify.

        But in particular, I would argue it is absolutely not redundant to have camera movement on the controller.

        In essence, because you can’t really move your eyes left, right, up, and down very much due to the relatively small viewing field, your head movement replaces your eye movement and the joystick replaces your head movement.

        All I can really say is RE7 Demo in VR gave me motion sickness (in part due to the limited camera control) whereas RIGS (a fast paced platforming shooter) gave me none.

  • SHunter

    Lol its in VR but it doesnt use the motion controllers????!!!! WHat?? Console amateurs bull shit.

  • Alan

    Does anyone know if RE7 VR will only need the VR headset to work? According to the video review, we don’t need to use the motion controller. But what about the PS Camera?

    Just want to know how much $$ I need to invest if I want to try RE7 in VR.

    • Bart Vanraes

      A PS Camera is always required to play PS VR.
      RE7 doesn’t support the Move but I haven’t tried connecting one to verify it myself.

      I’m really happy with the VR support, I don’t get sick and looks great for VR standards.
      It might be the PS VR killer app it desperately needs

      • Alan

        Thanks Bart.

  • will bell

    After much deliberation and with significant trepidation, I pulled the trigger on vr resident evil. It’s definitely scary but the mystery/exploration keeps me going when I really don’t want to face what I suspect is around the corner. Loving it

  • Monica Edwards

    This game is terrifying and I love it. I am not that far, despite not having much problems with motion sickness in life, the VR does give me a headache/eye strain. This game has made me nauseous and very little from moving around, more so the actual content of the game. If I take short breaks every 30 minutes or so and go back to it I’m fine. This truly is the most terrifying game I’ve ever played but probably is most effective in VR. I’m very happy because this is something I’ve always wanted, to virtually experience being in a horror movie/game and this delivers. God, it’s like I’ve been waiting all my life for this. Great review too, it perfectly captures the pros and cons.

  • rob

    I can’t get over how much I enjoy this, the first section with mia was incredibly intense, I was glad I haven’t found the rest of the game so far to be so scary as that made it seem it would be, I didn’t think I would be able to handle it, far from it once I started the main game I found it more to have a kind of tense-ness instead, but once I got into it I found myself absolutely loving every second, and at the creepiest moments just laugh at how incredible it all is

  • Raf Dicicco

    Wait. I hope playstation doesn’t do this with all triple AAA titles. Own the exclusivity for 6-mos to year then can be released on vive. That wouldn’t be awful. I’m not surprised triple AAA developers are wanting to just develop for the vive. It is the best headset. I understand triple AAA companies spend millions to make a game and not even a million people own VR headsets yet. I believe by 2018 every home will have one