Sixense Shows Off “Killer App,” Reveals Expected SDK Release Date, Give Us a Shipping Update, and More in Exclusive Interview With CEO Amir Rubin

by Will Mason • January 15th, 2015
Amir Rubin, CEO Sixense

Amir Rubin, CEO Sixense

Last week at CES we had the opportunity to sit down with Amir Rubin at the Sixense suite in the Pallazo hotel. At theirprivate event, Sixense showcased a brand new virtual retail demo that Amir believes will be the “killer app.” The demo was a simple one, allowing you to pick through a few different shoe models, in various colors, learn info about the shoes, “try them on” with a virtual mannequin, and place them in your cart for purchase. The demo as Amir put it, “shows very clearly how virtual reality will serve the retail community in a way that will revolutionize online shopping.” Retail, is going to be a “mobile first” application for VR, and will be one of the things that really helps VR catch on.

During our interview, Amir revealed a couple of interesting new updates regarding the greatly anticipated STEM system. We learned, for example, that Amir expects the firmware for the device to be ready “in the next week or two,” which will allow for the device’s firmware to have remote updates. We also learned that the STEM has begun shipping to “all silver, gold, and platinum kickstarter members,” but that they “are very careful in how [they] are deploying the prototypes,” and they have released “about 14 units,” so far. The device will ship with a beta SDK, with a full release “to go live at GDC in March.”

To find out more, be sure to listen to the full interview below:


We would like to thank Amir Rubin for the demo and the sit down, we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with him, as always. And in his own words:

“Keep supporting Upload VR. Great team. Great company. We love them.”

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