Sketchfab Adds ARKit Support Bringing Tilt Brush Into The Real World

by Jamie Feltham • September 27th, 2017

If you’ve been following out Sketchfab Favs feature, you’ll know that the platform is home to nearly two million 3D models and artworks, made in apps like Google’s Tilt Brush, Oculus’ Medium, and Gravity Sketch as well as more traditional software. From today, these creations can be placed in the real world.

Sketchfab has just updated its iOS app to include support for Apple’s ARKit. That means that users can select any of the creations currently live on the platform, and project it into the real world through an iPhone or iPad display. As such, animated characters can come to life inside real-world environments, and VR artists have an entirely new way to explore their work and others’.

All you need to do is load up any Sketchfab model inside the app and then tap and AR icon, just like you’d tap a VR icon to view models in headsets. ARKit will allow you to walk around the model and get up close with it, essentially using your phone as a camera.

Sketchfab says Android integration via Google’s ARCore is also on the way.

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