Sketchfab Favs: Sherlock And Unicorns

by Jamie Feltham • August 11th, 2017

Every week VR artists are making amazing new sculptures using tools like Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. These elaborate artworks go beyond what’s possible in our world, often creating entirely new ones. It would be a shame to let these go to waste, so we’re highlighting four awesome new pieces featured on 3D model site Sketchfab that we’ve come across recently.

This week we’ve got Sherlock, spitfires, and unicorns in disguise

Unicorn in Disguise, by

We love this take on a… well we’re not quite sure what it is. A dinosaur with braces, a unicorn horn and wings? Sure, why not? This piece was made in Oculus Medium and really displays the impress level of fidelity the platform can achieve.

Spitfire, by jamajurabaev

Here’s a piece that shows you why Gravity Sketch is so good for 3D model making. This is a faithful recreation of a classic fighter plane, right down to the details on the wings. It’s one of those VR pieces that you’d think was a great 2D sketch until you moved it.

Haunted House by bcarroll

This great Oculus Quill sketch pays tribute to a beloved era of B movie horror. We love the cheesy 70’s vibe and the spooky ghost in the background. A great demonstration of using Quill’s strokes to bring scenes to life.

Detective, by danielpeixe

Another Quill piece, this time showing a brilliant rendition of the modern Sherlock. This is probably as close as you’ll ever come to meeting Benedict Cumberbatch, but we’re more fascinated by the intricate thought patterns the artist has created above. Great work.

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