Skyrim VR Tops November PSVR Sales Charts, Final Fantasy Stumbles

by Jamie Feltham • December 7th, 2017

Surprising absolutely no one, Skyrim VR was the top-selling game on the PlayStation Store in November.

Bethesda’s first VR port, which hit Sony’s headset on November 17th, topped both the US and EU charts for the last month. We don’t know how many units the game sold overall, but considering the game was also released physically and appeared to do quite well at retail, too, it’s an impressive fact. Skyrim VR offers the entire original role-playing game (RPG) to play inside PSVR with realistic weapon handling via PlayStation Move. We’re big fans of the VR port (and we’re still playing it, too).

In less positive news, it doesn’t look like Square Enix’s debut Final Fantasy VR experience made much of an impression. Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, a fishing-based spin-off of the epic Japanese RPG that we were also quite fond of, debuted in ninth place on the US charts and failed to find a spot in the top ten on the EU chart. The game released a few days after Skyrim, which could well have hurt sales, but it’s still surprising to see such a household name fail to grab the attention of such a dedicated community.

Somewhat surprisingly, Doom VFR also debuted on the US list, despite releasing on December 1st. Still, it surpassed Monster of the Deep, coming in at number seven. The rest of the list is filled with the usual suspects; Batman: Arkham VR ranks on both, as does Superhot VR and Job Simulator.

We’d expect to see Doom make a much larger impact on December’s list with more time on sale.

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  • JesperL

    Just bring it to PC, Rift and Vive already..

  • Sean Lumly

    Having never played Skyrim, I’m looking forward to playing the VR version on my PSVR! I think my expectations are correctly set — it’s an older game. I’m just waiting for it to drop from its ludicrous Canadian price of $80 before I commit.

    • Salsaketchup

      Its scale just sets it as the most epic game on PSVR, the more you play the more you find that it has just gives more and then gives even more after that. 100+ hours of VR gaming for first playthrough worth the money.

      • Sean Lumly

        Thanks for the glowing review!

        I hope this kicks off a trend of porting existing games to VR. So many games would work well in VR with a little bit of work!

        • Salsaketchup

          You are right there is a whole back catalogue of amazing games that if handled in the same way that Skyrim VR has been where you truly feel like your in that world, would work so well!

        • Jinxy Karu

          I really hope so as well. I’m looking forward to getting Skyrim VR this Christmas!


      Oh man I’d give anything to be able to experience Skyrim for the first time in VR. Discovery is what makes that game so awesome. Even though I knew the game I still felt like I was discovering things in VR, so I can’t imagine how it will be for you.

      Just some advice, Move controllers are the most immersive way to play but it will go slower because grabbing things can be tricky. If you ever want to speed things along just switch to DS4. There wasn’t a controller map for the Move controllers last I checked, so two things to note. First, holding jump button is how you sneak or stop sneaking. I got stuck in sneak and didn’t know how I did it so I was going a mile per hour for a day haha. Also when walking with direct movement (as opposed to teleporting) you can aim the Move controller you walk with in the direction you want to walk. For a while I just naturally held it in front of me and though there was no way to walk sideways or backwards.. but you just point left, right or back and you can walk in any direction.

      Hope you get that sale soon! For what it’s worth, even if you cave you will get your money’s worth. There is so much content in that game, even without the included DLC.

  • MrLonghair

    Skyrim Special Edition on the UK charts? So that the source of some of the bug reports I’ve read of the VR version, “turning my head turns the screen”, “it’s not in VR”, “Move controllers don’t do anything” and some of the reviews.

  • Keith.

    Hope to see Snow Fortress on next month’s chart — having a lot of fun with that one so far.