Report: Skyrim VR Will Come To HTC Vive Next Year

by Jamie Feltham • June 26th, 2017

Skyrim VR was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2017 this month, but so far it’s only been confirmed for PlayStation VR (PSVR). But PC VR users need not fear; it should be with them next year.

Developer Bethesda apparently confirmed as much to GameSpot, as stated in the below video. While PSVR players will get Skryim this November, the game will release on the HTC Vive in 2018. That likely means a full SteamVR release with official Vive support that Oculus Rift owners will have access to too. None of Bethesda’s VR games are yet confirmed to officially support the Rift, though that’s not too surprising given parent company ZeniMax Media is currently locked in a legal battle with Oculus itself.

You can see the confirmation at 2:43.

This isn’t too surprising given that during E3 Bethesda tweeted out that it planned to bring all of its VR games — including Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR — to as many platforms as possible. Still, a PC version of Skyrim VR is welcome news. While we’re excited about the PSVR edition, the increased power of top end PCs will hopefully bring the world of Tamriel to life more than ever before. The Vive’s position-tracked wands are also slightly more versatile than PSVR, allowing for full 360 degree tracking without occlusion, and the trackpad should allow for smoother movement than on PlayStation’s Move controllers.

Whatever version of Skyrim VR you end up playing, though, it’s sure to be worthwhile. We can’t wait to get our hands on it later this year.

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  • This is great news for PSVR and Vive, but the issue I have with most games that come to SteamVR without officially coming to the Oculus Store too–and this is from the perspective of a Rift owner–is that they often don’t really feel properly compatible with the Rift, particularly when it comes to mapping the various controls and actions to its Touch controllers.

    For example: Often the pointer in these games is made for the Vive’s motion controllers and doesn’t point at a natural angle for anyone trying to point with the Touch controllers, which you hold like guns rather than like wands; you end up having to bend your wrist forward in a way that’s slightly uncomfortable and will almost inevitably cause cramps at some point (and possibly carpel tunnel syndrome over extended time). And, you obviously don’t get the buttons and actions designed for or mapped to Touch controller’s inputs particularly well either, along with no proper 3D model of said Touch controller anytime a controller is rendered in these games.

    It’s usually still possible to play these SteamVR games on Rift with not too much hassle, but obviously it’s never going to be as good as it would be with official support.

    So, ideally I really want these games to officially come to Rift too and actually be available for download via the official Oculus Store.

    • CodeMonkey432

      IDEALLY Zuckendouche would stop paying companies to never release on the Vive. I have no sympathy for you at all. It always amuses me when RIFT owners complain about not having access. I really don’t know how you can even post about it. I hope Bethesda says locked in battle when them and nothing from the Bethesda library every makes it to the Rift.

      • jon hallett

        Total Muppet of an answer, bash the other man,wp.

      • Raphael

        When Octopus rift games exclude Vive I don’t hear any Octopus users complaining.

        • Because almost all of those games, if not literally all of them, are directly funded by Oculus itself.

        • Josue

          HTC isn’t paying for games to be developed, because if they were, you can bet your ass they’d Vive exclusives.

          • Raphael

            HTC have already funded game development. Accelerator X program funds game development studios as well as VR related hardware and non-game apps. And no… HTC don’t fund exclusives.

          • Josue S. Lopez

            You know what I meant. Dont be pedantic. Theyve “assisted” in funding. They havent paid in full for a near triple AAA title game like Oculus has, because if they had, as i said, they would have made it exclusive for the HTC Vive.

          • CQCoder

            You’re making an assumption based upon zero facts.

      • The major difference is he’s paying for these games to be developed in the first place, so it’s not unreasonable to expect some kind of benefit from that.

        Bethesda is not being funded by HTC/Vive or Oculus, so its games really should come out on all major VR platforms–if we ignore the major battle that Oculus is in with its parent company, Zenimax, for a moment.

        It doesn’t amuse when people like you don’t understand the difference; it annoys me.

      • Drake Dan

        Alright first off you need to stop insulting the rift user because your both saying the same thing. You both don’t want a game locked to a different platform, and neither of you are being great to the other platform. I take that back It started with a respectful comment from iNCEPTIONAL then Codemonkey responded with a rude comment that only a immature fanboy would say. Just because Rift locks some games up doesn’t mean you have too act like you want Vive to lock games. If us as a VR community start trying to call out companies for this then they will respond in time. But if we act like Sony and Microsoft fanboys towards other consumers then the companies are going to keep doing it because its a fight of consumers that doesn’t involve the company.Then, the companies will start implementing bullshit like paid online and even more restrictive exclusives.

        • CQCoder

          Actually, no, they aren’t. Rift has a ton of exclusives that FB has paid off companies for. There are about…zero…Vive exclusives. A Rift user complaining about lock out…when they are FULLY supporting a locked out eco system….yeah…that is laughable. His entire post is wishing it was on the Rift home…not a WORD about the numerous exclusives or any sort of suggesting that exclusives are a bad idea. The post is totally self serving – ‘So, ideally I really want these games to officially come to Rift too and actually be available for download via the official Oculus Store.’ How about ‘so, ideally I’d really like the exclusives in general to stop as it’s bad for the VR ecosystem’. On that note…where did he insult the Rift user? So #1 the OP says zip to indicate that he is against exclusives, #2 I don’t see any insult. Nice diatribe based upon unsupported assumptions. That said – yes, I would like to see the fanboism stop AND the exclusives stop. If wishes were fishes…..

      • high octane

        a comment like this can only mean one thing, your a troll who’s opinion is worthless

    • NooYawker

      I still refuse to believe that Bethesda would not release an update for oculus support soon after Vive. The market is so tiny, why would they leave out half the user base. But in the meantime why doesn’t FB create revive for oculus? They pour money into exclusives, why not create something simple to help their users. The Revive people did it on their free time.

      • Josue S. Lopez

        Im sure theyd get in trouble.

  • Karl Schmidt

    The VR platform battle is one of the worst things which happened for VR future. The result is: We have multiple hardeware platforms with very few even remotely complete games for each. Most seem to be little more than glorified tech demos. Way to go, way to go!

    Blame Oculus management for this. At least all PC VR games should be cross platform enabled, we have already enough console exclusivity shit going on.

  • Collin dubya

    As a rift owner i can confirm that any steam vr game will work on the rift.

    • Drake Dan

      There however is a few exceptions like Spell fighter VR which hasn’t been updated in a while.

  • emeralda1

    I cant wait!! I plan on plenty of NUDE mods will be in use and quite frankly I plan to fap fap fap!!!

  • emeralda1


  • emeralda1


  • chop suey

    fuck zenimax

  • Drake Dan

    Fuck Bethesda they are always pulling this anti consumer bullshit. Timed Exclusive or not, for one Bethesda is limiting their sales. For two they expect us to be fine with this dumb-assery they keep pulling off.

  • land of the what?

    I hope in that “exclusivity window” they patch all the bugs,the VR version is not atm Mod friendly, so don’t count on modders. Also, hopefully they wont gouge us with paid DLC that should be free. Vanilla Skyrim wasn’t that great so don’t get too excited. I bought Skyrim PC to see what TES was all about and mods make the game a whole different world and worthy of all the acclaim (Bethesda’s vanilla Skyrim not so much).