Sonic The Hedgehog In VR Looks As Dizzying As It Sounds

by Jamie Feltham • October 9th, 2017

Of all the many platforming heroes we’d love to bring to VR, we have to admit Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t one we’d previously considered. As we all know, Sega’s Blue Bullet has gotta go fast, a little too fast for VR comfort levels. That hasn’t stopped a fan from making an unofficial version of the game for the Oculus Rift, though.

Indie developer Nimso Ny has converted the iconic Green Hill Zone Act 1, the first level of the original Sonic game, into a VR experience in which players run on the spot to move. You can see it in action below.

While the linear level design is the same, Nimso has obviously had to improvise somewhat converting the level into a 3D experience. Spike pits have gaps that you can run through, for example, and rings are spread out across an area rather than in a straight line. As for those corkscrews? Well we’ll let you judge for yourself, but we’re not sure our stomachs are quite up to it. Still, it looks like a good bit of excersise.

Nimso has released the experience for free, though the developer also has a Patreon account if you want to support him. No word from Sega yet on what it makes of this fan mod.

What's your reaction?
  • Rothgarr

    I couldn’t even watch the video, it was so shaky. Even in the menus.

    • johngrimoldy

      I agree. At least there’s the inset with the guy with his VR headset on which explains the shakes. ‘Should have run the clip thru a stabilizer before posting since it really detracts.

    • wheeler

      I watch VR streams all of the time and none of them are like this. I wonder if this guy has an issue with his tracking or something.

      The actual experience doesn’t look all that bad motion-wise. Games like To The Top are way more extreme.

      • koenshaku

        He was using a rift so no telling.

    • Nimso Ny

      Nope, I have no problem at all with tracking.
      What you are seeing is purely what happens when you run in place with a camera attached to your face!

      The reason VR streams are never like this is because nobody ever really moves… You ain’t going nowhere in this game if you’re lazy 😛

      • Rothgarr

        He wasn’t running in the menu screens, though, at the very beginning of the video. It was so shaky.

        • koenshaku

          He said his video card sucked though so he turned the settings down.

  • Firestorm185

    Woohoo, VR Sonic, here I come! Thank you @nimsony:disqus for makin’ a dream come true! xD

    • Nimso Ny

      Ey! Stop stealing my dreams mate!

      • Firestorm185

        xD What if we shared them instead? xD

  • Tenka

    This looks fucking awesome … downloading now.

  • Firestorm185

    Paid for this, was not disappointed! It was short, but for a tech demo that was expected and it was a blast! Being a sonic game though it definitely requires the legs. XD Both virtually and physically, I had to move a lot in there! But the excercise was amazing, thanks again Nimso!

    • Nimso Ny

      Hey there… Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and even bigger thanks to you and the others that donated.

      But please remember to mention that it was a donation, rather than saying “paid for”

      It’s just to make sure that if SEGA has a look at the project they know straight that I’m providing it for free and not charging for it.

      It’s less likely to have any copyright problems if they know that it’s just a free fangame 😀

      Thanks again!

      • Firestorm185

        Oh yeah! Totally, forgot, Ill fix that. Thanks again, it was a total blast and I can’t wait to try it again once I have more VR space (I’m in like 3*3 feet right now, not good for jogging in place. xD )

        • Nimso Ny

          I have about as much space as you…
          I’ve been working with this system for 2 years and never had a single problem.

          The original version you actually had to jump completely, there wasn’t even a button… and I still had no problem.
          I don’t understand peoples 😛

          • Firestorm185

            xD Yeah, I just have a fragile pull out desk in front of me that I don’t own that would break if I hit it with my leg too hard. I jogged all the way through without a problem, but I’m known to bump into stuff. xD

          • Nimso Ny

            Ah, breakable desks… a real problem!
            I’ve recently started having problems with the wall behind me though, so I was wrong anyways.

            I’ve been making a Halo VR project using walk-o-motion, and I have to be aware all he time to make sure I don’t break the controllers!

  • NooYawker

    This is pretty amazing.