Sony Isn’t ‘Entirely Comfortable’ With PSVR Market Lead By Current Margin

by Jamie Feltham • September 25th, 2017

With over one million units sold, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) is thought to be the current leader in high-end VR, possibly topping Oculus Rift and HTC Vive sales. But the company isn’t entirely happy with its supposed lead.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, last week told Reuters that he wasn’t “entirely comfortable” with leading the market “by such a margin that seems to be happening right now,” likely referencing Rift and Vive sales.

“With such a brand new category you want a variety of platforms all doing well to create that rising tide and create the audience,” House said. His words suggest House is somewhat concerned about the overall state of the VR market, which has been slow to grow over the past year and a half. Recent price cuts for both the Rift and Vive should hopefully provide a welcome bump in sales, however.

It’s impossible for us to definitively state that PSVR is outselling Rift and Vive as the latter two have never confirmed official sales figures, though their high prices and expensive PC requirements mean PSVR is a far more accessible option for most consumers. While it may be a leader in the high-end space, PSVR hasn’t outstripped the five million owners that Samsung and Oculus’ mobile-based Gear VR enjoys, though bundle deals and giveaways make it unclear exactly how many of these were sold.

Fortunately for Sony, then, stiff competition should be on the way soon. In October, Microsoft will launch a new range of Windows 10 VR headsets in partnership with companies like Dell and Lenovo, representing a more affordable, accessible way to get into PC VR with inside-out tracking. It’s also thought that Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console will one day get VR support of its own to more directly compete with PSVR.

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  • Nuchinsky

    Don’t forget the standalone headsets. Tomorrow voltron vr comes out I never seen the series but I here it’s like power rangers, and I love power rangers

    • RFC_VR

      Yes also HTC focus and Lenovo standalones both with Google Worldsense inside out tracking and Qualcomm 835VR SOC. 4th Oct launch?

  • daveinpublic

    Sony shouldn’t be comfortable, but not because they’re so far ahead. Microsoft is poised to take the lead at any time. The quality of their tracking outshines there’s, the resolution is better, the controllers are way better, and they run on x86 which is what XBox uses now. On top of that, Microsoft has stated that they’re working on some sort of Halo VR experience. Wouldn’t take much to unleash this, and really change up the landscape.

    • Wildattorney

      I suspect the Halo VR experience won’t be launching until Microsoft launches the VR headset for Xbox One X so that it launches day and date on Xbox and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

      • RFC_VR

        imagine – ‘Halo’ branded gaming HMD with rugged design, pro-quality audio/mic, sweat absorbent face cushion, intel wireless

  • dan bryant

    If they are concerned about VR sales maybe they should stop paying giant companies like Capcom and EA to not put VR versions of Resident Evil and battle front on the PC versions
    Especially while VR is still in it’s infancy and is considered a failure by most of the public.

    And to all the PS4 fanboys that now visit this site don’t bother replying with the usual exclusives are essential BS because they aren’t.

    The PS4 isn’t in competition with a PC that’s powerful enough to run VR.

    • Stranger On The Road

      concern about the lead over the others isn’t the same as disliking the sells or liking your current position.

  • mirak

    Then why are they doing psvr exclusives ?

    • care package

      exactly, or stuffing developers pockets for timed exclusives (What Sony is quite good at doing). Good point.

    • Stranger On The Road

      because they still want to sell the PSVR, it is their lead over the others that is concerning him.

  • care package

    ” though their high prices and expensive PC requirements mean PSVR is a far more accessible option for most consumers”
    Far more? Not really. If you want the wand bundle it costs the same as Rift so now were down to a PS4 vs cost of PC. For the cost of the PS4 Pro you can get the graphics card and CPU. If you already have a minimum + spec PC choosing a PSVR would not be the logical choice.

  • Luke

    when we asked to sony: “make an HMD compatible with both, PlayStation and PC steam vr standards please” they didn’t listen.
    if they did I would have bought it for my computer, and after a while I would have bought a PS4 to play the exclusives.
    I hope they will change idea with a v2.0 (please add room scale and new controllers).

  • Nuchinsky

    I hope the niggers don’t ruin it, and put rap on it. VR is for white people and Japanese people only not for black people.

    • Bergeronius

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      • accolade

        I bet you that demon came here to post his hateful rant because he saw story caption of the black model wearing the PSVR.