Sony London Dev: VR Will Invent ‘One New Genre Of Game’ In Next 5 Years

by Jamie Feltham • July 11th, 2018

Today’s VR games are fantastic, immersive experiences, but they’re largely built upon the foundations of traditional gaming. We have tons of shooters, puzzle games and platformers for example, but not much that feels truly unique to VR. A developer at Blood And Truth creator, Sony London Studio, thinks that will change soon.

Speaking at the Develop: Brighton conference in the UK this week (as reported by VentureBeat), Sony London Lead Designer, Michael Hampden, explained that he expects that “one new genre of game will be born” out of VR in the next five years. Specifically, he thinks that this type of game will be something that’s only possible in VR.

We have seen unique games that capitalize on VR’s strengths before; experiences like The Invisible Hours and Superhot VR all achieve something new for the platform, but they’re still inherently linked to their flat-screened siblings. What would a VR experience have to do to become truly unique to the platform?

Hampden thinks it will be to do with creating an experience that provides presence, surround audio, distinctive input methods, and head tracking.

As for Sony London itself, the studio is currently working on a PSVR title that you probably wouldn’t say is only possible in VR, but is certainly in demand. Blood And Truth has players hit the streets of London as a gangster, getting into heists and shootouts using the PS Move controllers. We’re definitely interested to see what comes of it.

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