Sony Reveals New PSVR Model With HDR Pass-Through, Revised Design

by Jamie Feltham • October 2nd, 2017

Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) celebrates its first birthday in just under two weeks’ time, and the company is marking the anniversary with a revised model.

Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed a new version of the PS4-based VR headset that sports some minor, but appreciated updates. For starters, the kit’s processor unit now allows for high dynamic range (HDR) passthrough. PS4 got an HDR update last year, but anyone with PSVR needed to unplug the headset to get the benefits on their TV. To be clear, this doesn’t sound like PSVR itself now supports HDR, just traditional games can be played on a TV with the option while it’s still plugged in.

Elsewhere, the site notes the headset’s stereo headphone jack has been relocated, and the cables have been replaced with new, slimmer alternatives. PSVR’s wires can indeed cause something of a mess, so this is another appreciated update. The images above are all we’ve got for now.

It sounds like that’s it for updates. Nothing major, then, though with PSVR only a year old Sony would be hard pressed to implement major new features that would require early adopters to update. Still, we’d love to see some improved tracking for the headset’s 180 degree single-camera solution, or some improved motion controllers.

We’ve reached out to Sony to confirm that this new model will also be making its way to the US, Europe and other parts of the world soon. It costs 44,980 yen (about $398), so don’t expect this to new model to have a big price drop if it does release elsewhere.

What's your reaction?
  • LarZen

    I hope we that already have PSVR can buy this new processor unit alone. EDIT: I just read that you can not buy it alone. That’s just idiotic..

    • drd7of14

      From The PlayStation Blog’s PSVR FAQ Update:

      “Q: If I already own a PS VR, can I swap out my old Processor Unit with the updated one?

      A: Because the cables of CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2 are different, you cannot swap the Processor Units.”

      • LarZen

        Yeah I read it. It’s really to bad. I’m not using my PSVR as much as I could because I’m lazy. When I suddenly want to play in VR I just skip it because I cant be bothered messing with the cables.

        • drd7of14

          Yeah, after thinking about it, there reasoning makes no sense. The HMD PSVR headset’s cables don’t interact with the passthrough on regular games. You could leave the HMD unplugged, and just the processor unit plugged in and still use the PS4.

          So…..I’m not sure where that BS answer came from, but it’s BS. There’s no reason a new Processor Unit wouldn’t work with the old model of PSVR just the same.

          PSVR and HDR cannot be used a the same time regardless, so that’s clearly incorrect. So while I grabbed the quote from the Blog, the reasoning is quite flawed. They should sell new boxes, or offer trade-ins for the OG VR users.

          • My PSVR has a stuck pixel, so I guess it’s time to cash in on the warranty! 😀

  • Least

    Pleased that it’s selling well enough for Sony to attend to it, and make improvements – but also frankly a bit pissed off. I have a PSVR and a PS4Pro and an HDR 4K TV and the lack of pass-through for the HDR is a pain in the arse.

    So they’ve solved it – but only if I spend another £350 – which I’m not going to do at this stage. I will buy a better headset at some point in the future (PS5 – PSVR2 etc) but I’m not buying it again for this minor change. But I’d like the HDR functionality. It’s a bigger deal than the 4K in my opinion. When HDR is good, it’s awesome.

    Would be nice of them to actually support the early adopters who’ve made the product a success in the first place, and offer an updated processor box for the original PSVR unit but that supports HDR, at a reasonable price. Only people who have bought the original PSVR would have any interest in it, so it would be a 100%, direct, customer-support goodwill gesture. But I’m not holding my breath for it…

    • drd7of14

      The can’t offer an upgrade without replacing the entire HDMI cable system. It’s not just the box, but the HMD unit itself. At least, that’s what they’re saying…Sounds odd though, since I’m not sure what the HMD has to do with the passthrough, since the PSVR unit itself still does not support HDR.

      Example: My TV still works with the Processor Unit even when the HMD PSVR headset and HDMI cables are unplugged. Just the PS4/Box/TV cabling is used. So, I’d assume the box should work fine.

  • Gonzalo Novoa

    The new location for the headphones is really cool, I’d very much like that but I bought my headset about a month ago so I’ll have to wait until there is a bigger update like making the headset more comfortable for glasses users.
    What the system desperately needs is new motion controllers, as it is it’s stopping a lot of games from showing their true potential. They need analog sticks the sooner the better.

  • GreasyMullet

    Sony gets it. This is where the VIVE and Oculus have failed with regards to the HMD. Release small quality of life improvements every year to address flaws or needed improvements in between the big releases. Yes VIVE and Oculus have made some small changes to refine the HMD but not like this. If they want to do this 3 year cycle then they need mini updates yearly for quality of life.

    • KUKWES

      but this doesn’t improve the HMD quality.

      • GreasyMullet

        Its quality of life improvements. They may be small but its progress. The existing HMDs are almost 2 years old now and the VIVE in particular requires accessories such as deluxe audio strap to bring it up to par. They don’t need higher resolution and huge feature chances, just small quality of life stuff until they are ready for Gen2.

        • polysix

          Lol. I’ve owned them all, dk2, vive, psvr and rift (in that order), trust me RIFT has nothing to worry about from sony, it’s way way WAY better, controls, tracking, screen, headphones (the built ins was much nicer than even these updated pop-ins I detest HMDs now that don’t have rift style built ins) you can take the rift off with one hand then pop it back on with one hand, the controls don’t lose tracking, the HMD doesn’t drift continuously, oculus touch has actually useful controls, it runs from a PC with a thousand times more variety of apps and things you can do with it. IT DOES ROOMSCALE.

          Your “quality of life” point is from a place of ignorance. Sure PSVR has some great things going for it, but even this new update is still far from the very VERY useable and un-chore like Rift. Vive on the other hand was terrible pre-DAS strap and PSVR killed it on ergonomics, still I’ll take the rift’s ‘quality of life’ it already has over even this new PSVR update which is still same old PSVR with the two handed nut cracker fitting and low res and low power system driving it.

          All updating the rift would do is pss off all those who just bought it, what’s the point? it’s already nigh on perfect except for god rays (outside of obviously wanting better specs) so gen 2 with any improvements + better spec makes far more sense

          The only reason sony have done this is because of their faux par on the HDR pass through in the first place so they took the chance to fix some other janky bits. Rift doesn’t have any janky bits, have you used one? (don’t lie – cos if you had you’d not have written what you did)

          • Ellie 187

            I’ll chime in as having using all three headsets but ultimately purchased a Vive (Wanted roomscale before touch was available for Rift)…
            the PSVR has nothing on either of the PC HMD’s, not even close… just the specs + quality of visuals and vastly superior frame rate is why I could never go back to the PSVR after trying out the PC HMD’s…. (1080p per eye @ 90fps per eye vs. PSVR single 1080p screen locked at 60fps, not to mention the weak sauce horsepower means vastly reduced visuals/polygons on PSVR, and then there is the lack of motion controls for solid room scale the two PC HMD’s have that makes VR really pop… sure I play a few gamepad controller games in VR but its no where near the immersion of motion controller/room scale VR)

        • Griffin

          >such as deluxe audio strap to bring it up to par

          in comfort only the vive/rift have superior Screens motion controls and room scale and more

          and the comfort is only marginally worse than the PSVR

          plus how is the DAS a bad thing? its the same “quality of life improvements” sony did but instead on the PSVR you need to by a how new headset for marginal improvements instead of modular replacements

        • KUKWES

          2 years old and still ahead of the PSVR. That awful tracking will never get fixed this generation on PS4

    • killdozer

      You must have missed about vive beiing lighter, new 3 in 1 cable and new strap. Relocated headphone jack? OMG what a technology advancement

    • Jim Cherry

      I would agree with you if sony hadnt made the new break out box incompatible with current psvrs. If you have quality of life improvements some should apply to current gen owners other wise they will bad mouth you and generate negative feedback.

  • drd7of14


  • Graham

    Oh man, I can’t believe they couldn’t have found a way to make the new processor box work with the current headset if they had really wanted to. That faq sounds pretty lame. Feels like a big kick in the teeth to all us early adopters that have been out there showing off Sony’s product to friends / family / the postman etc. Thanks a bunch Sony.


    This is an awesome improvement. Really useful for new adopters (though earbuds on a shared device is gross). Not having to change plugs when switching from HDR to VR would make it much more likely for me to play VR more often. When I weigh which game I want to play, all VR games lose a little weight due to my having to get behind my TV and switch HDMI around, so I just select one of my 200 digital non-VR games haha. I hope that in the future they work this out to be a stand alone box compatible with current PSVR, but even if not, glad they made improvements that will increase platform health and push VR forward for both PS4 and PC.


      After thought, would have been cool if they put a mich on there too. The camera mich picks up all room audio and you have to speak up more for others to hear you.