Sony Reveals Slate Of New PSVR Games

by Jamie Feltham • March 22nd, 2017

PlayStation VR (PSVR) is set to have a busy few months with big releases like Farpoint and Starblood Arena, but Sony is also looking ahead, today revealing a new slate of VR titles coming from Chinese developers.

These games are all being created under Sony’s China Hero Project, which supports developers in the country. A total of nine new PlayStation 4 games have been announced, many of which will be supporting the VR headset. You can see all the games in a round up trailer below.

So let’s take a look at what was actually announced for PSVR here. Below we’ve got full trailers and more details.

The Walker, from Haymaker

This looks like the most promising title in the group, offering fantasy combat with swords and spells. The trailer shows off a lot of gameplay set in highly detailed environments. A player first uses a gun to take down minion-like enemies, but also slashes with a knife for melee combat. Bigger enemies introduce themselves later on and you can enfuse your weapons with special powers to help bring them down.

The X Animal, from Internet Stars

This is apparently a casual VR game that aims to capitalize on the sense of space that VR provides and wants to offer users different experiences.defeat enemies that appear along a line. It’s complete with some pretty wacky music.

Pervader VR, from Light & Digital

Again, it’s difficult to tell what the developer is going for here, but this is hoping to create a memorable story and an emotional experience. The trailer is using concept art, but a VR experience showing data all around the world is an intriguing concept. Expect elements of survival horror, based on the end of the clip.

The video also offers another look at Project Boundary, a first-person shooter that has promised VR support in the past, and zombie shooter Kill X. Interestingly the latter is now shown as a third-person shooter likely for non-VR play. The game’s page suggests PSVR support is still on the way, though.

No release dates, or even confirmation of a western release, for these titles yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

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  • Tiny Rick

    The future looks bright for PSVR!

    • Gary

      So releasing tech demo experience games at ridiculous prices indicates bright future? Ok

  • Chad Gates

    By far the worst VR experience out there. Terrible tracking and boring limited games. The designers need sacking

  • Ted Joseph

    Sold my PSVR, and Vive. Kept the Rift. PSVR was launched with horrible controllers and tracking of the controllers. I couldn’t get past the jitters so I sold it. Hopefully PS5 comes out with a better solution for VR with a wider FOV, and better controllers…

    • TheLoCoRaven

      I haven’t had any controller jitter in awhile. Might have been the somewhat recent ps4 and psvr firmware updates. I think a lot of people don’t know you have to go to Settings > Devices > Playstation VR > Update to get the actual firmware update for the device itself.