Sony Tests A Free Trial Bundle For PSVR With Skyrim

by David Jagneaux • December 1st, 2017

In a post-Black Friday world this is not something I expected to see today. Apparently, Sony is currently testing a PSVR “Trial Bundle” with select PlayStation Plus subscribers right now. If you were one of the lucky few chosen that signed up in time, you would have received a special promotional code in an email with a link to this website. After inputting your personal details and promo code, you’d reportedly be sent a PlayStation VR headset, PS Camera, two PS Move controllers, Skyrim VR, and the PSVR Demo Disc 2.o. Basically, you get a Skyrim PSVR bundle totally for free.

The catch? You can only keep it and play it for 14 days.

According to the rules, if you fail to return it in pristine condition within 10 days of your trail period ending, you will be charged $299.99 to keep the bundle. Makes sense, except for the fact that the entire bundle typically costs $449.99, a whole $150 more than the failure to return fee. This means that if you were one of the lucky 1,400 that signed up before the promotion ended today, you could essentially get the Skyrim PSVR bundle for $150 less than is currently possible anywhere else. Part of that baffling decision is lessened when you realize that by accepting the deal, you appear to be charged the $299.99 fee up front in its entirety as a hold that is removed only once returned. This way you can’t give them your card’s info and then go cancel the card once you’ve got the headset.

While the failure to return fee seems oddly low, as a whole this is a genius idea. You can currently try PSVR at various store locations right now if you don’t own one yet, but this is the first we’ve heard of a loaner program designed to entice prospective buyers. Targeting PlayStation Plus subscribers makes sense as well, since those customers are already proven to spend more money on PlayStation content and products.

It’s also worth noting that the trial period and website for signups is being administered by Prize Logic, a company Sony has worked with in the past for promotional periods. It seems to be legitimate since I got an email on my personal account from the same address that always sends daily product and content updates ([email protected]). It looks like this:

What do you think of this move? Are you bummed you missed out? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Evgeni Zharsky

    How do you even sign up for their emailing list ?

    • GmailIsDown

      You need to opt in on their website.

      • Evgeni Zharsky

        Which website? Haven’t been able to find where to do it.

        • GmailIsDown

          go to playstation store website and login. click on your gamertag/id, and select Account Settings. then go to Notification Preferences at the bottom, and opt in the marketing emails. it takes a week or two to process. they do send coupons in the weekly newsletters as well every once a while so that is nice.

  • Rothgarr

    If you ask me, Skyrim is the worst game to include in this package. I think it would put off anyone new to VR since 1) The controls using the Move controllers are excruciatingly frustrating at first, and 2) It can be pretty damn ugly compared to other games.

    I think better pack-ins would be VR Worlds and throw in some download codes for Rez, Thumper, Superhot, etc. and maybe a scary one, either Rush of Blood or RE7.

    • Decker Shado

      If you ask me, Skyrim VR is the most important VR game ever made (so far) since 1) the control options are varied, allowing players to choose how they want to experience the game not only in how they play but a suite of options for dealing with varying sensitivities to simulation sickness, and 2) it’s full of variety in visuals, from sweeping fields to enormous mountains to claustrophobic crypts. Creatures are just as varied, from skeevers to saber cats all the way up to dragons and all the way down to butterflies, and 3) It’s a huge RPG that has proven itself as a massively popular title in an already long running franchise. This means a lot of people already played it, which gives PLENTY of opportunities for people to focus not on the nuances of the game itself, but on precisely what VR brings to the experience. Players can pick up Skyrim VR confident that they like the game already, and understand from the experience how VR can make the same old game an entirely new adventure.

      I think packing in things like VR Worlds, Rez, Thumper, Superhot and the like would leave people thinking what they already think about VR. “It’s a fun little distraction, but literally everything on it is a demo and not one meaty experience for VR will ever be made.”

      • Rothgarr

        That’s a well-crafted counterpoint.