E3 2019: New SoulKeeper VR RPG Gameplay Highlights Impressive Unreal Engine Visuals

by David Jagneaux • June 10th, 2019

We first covered SoulKeeper VR here at UploadVR over three years ago. In that time we’ve seen tons of updates expanding the game’s scope, improving its visuals, and refining the gameplay to a polished balance between action-packed combat and large level exploration. Now today, during the E3 VR Showcase, we showed off a brand new trailer for the dark, Gothic-themed VR RPG epic that makes the game look better than ever.

In the past we’ve compared it to Skyrim and Dark Souls and while some of those comparisons might seem a bit lofty, that’s very much the scope that this time seems to be aiming for. Since we first saw SoulKeeper VR other VR RPGs have hit the market such as Shadow Legend and the upcoming Asgard’s Wrath, but the dark tone is still what helps set SoulKeeper VR apart.

In today’s gameplay trailer you can see a host of new tidbits that we’d never seen before such as horseback riding with mounted combat, riding around on the back of a dragon, and lots of varied environments. It all seems to be coming together well.

However, even though it’s over three years later this still has a strong “work-in-progress” vibe that seems difficult to shake. The game is available in a very rough, Early Access state on Steam currently, but as you can see from the footage today it does look better now.

SoulKeeper VR is being developed with the Unreal Engine by Helm Systems and even after all these years is still one of our most anticipated VR releases.

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