SoulKeeper VR’s Stunning 2.0 Trailer Looks Like A Skyrim Made For VR

by Jamie Feltham • December 14th, 2018

Back in May, we reported that SoulKeeper VR developer HELM Systems was working on a ‘very different’ version of its fantasy RPG that would release as an ‘Early Access 2.0’ build. The studio then went back to radio silence but, this week, it’s finally ready to show us what that really means.

HELM just launched the below trailer for The SoulKeeper VR 2.0 and it’s a pretty impressive sight. The game retains the impressive visuals that we first praised it for back in 2017 but there’s now a new open world to discover. Simply put it looks like a Skyrim game that’s actually made for VR, complete with dungeons to explore, NPCs to interact with and what looks like a lot of river traversal.

Dare we say it looks like an entirely new game.

We’ll have to wait to see how deep these changes really go, though. HELM is promising a beta testing period next year and weekly Twitch streams to showcase progress beginning next month. A real date for the update has not yet been revealed.

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