Spaces Adds Facebook Live Streaming

by Ian Hamilton • July 12th, 2017

Spaces is Facebook’s social VR experience on Rift only. It allows people to meet up in virtual reality with cartoonish avatars and draw or see 360-degree videos together, among other activities. The virtual world even allows visitors to take selfies and make calls to people in the real world over Facebook Messenger — allowing people outside VR to see what a social experience looks like inside.

As of today, the company is now adding Facebook Live to the meeting space. According to a blog post by Mike Booth, head of product management on Facebook Spaces:

When you go live from Facebook Spaces, you’ll have a “virtual camera” that you can position anywhere in your space to capture the action. Friends on Facebook can comment on your broadcast and ask you questions to participate in the moment with you — and you can even see their reactions in VR. You’ll see a stream of friends’ comments and can pull out your favorites as physical objects that everyone in the space can interact with — a great way to highlight compelling questions and clever one-liners from your friends.

The Oculus Rift is only $400 now with a massive discount in place and the company’s Oculus team has been progressively adding Facebook features to its VR platforms.

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    My friend hosted a stream on Spaces with me and 1 other. His FB live stream lit up like wildfire. People were commenting like, “WTF is this I’m seeing?” You can’t underestimate how much this feature alone is going to drive sales of RIFT.

    • koenshaku

      Not when the headset doesn’t work with any of their pcs and they don’t care to upgrade for Facecrook VR. I think the average user on facebook now days probably uses a smartphone with it.

      • CURTROCK

        Ya, you are prob right…I’m sure the Rift will flounder, just like you hope it will.