SpaceVR Moves Closer To Launch, Signs Contract With NanoRacks

by Joe Durbin • August 8th, 2016

SpaceVR‘s journey to become the first organization to send a VR camera into outer space is not unlike that of a troubled rocket. It has had changes in course, ebbs and flows in momentum, and nail biting moments where one began to wonder if this dream would ever actually come true. Today, however, fans of the project can let that knot in their stomach loosen somewhat as SpaceVR is announcing its first concrete step towards success in months: a contract with NanoRacks LLC.

Blasting a rocket past the stratosphere is not as simple as purchasing a few hundred M-80s from the shady fireworks stand and strapping them to your cargo. There are political, legal, and logistical hurdles to overcome before a launch for the Overview 1 can take place. This is why its so important for a fledgeling group like SpaceVR to gain the active support and mentorship of a veteran space organization like NanoRacks.

Concept art of Observer 1

Concept art of Overview 1

NanoRacks was formed in 2009 to provide hardware solutions and support services to the International Space Station. They are essentially a company that sends the world’s most extreme care packages in order to facilitate the ongoing experimentation taking place aboard the ISS. The company has launchd over 350 payloads and is therefore more than suited to provide the expertise and resources SpaceVR will need in order to get its own unique package above the clouds.

NanoRacks has been an advisor and investor in SpaceVR since the company’s early days in 2015. Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of SpaceVR expressed his excitement about the project, and the optimism it gives him for a successful launch, in an official statement:

“My dream, when I first had this idea at a hackathon 1.5 years ago, was to launch a VR satellite with NanoRacks. It seemed crazy and borderline unachievable. Now we have signed, paid, and are moving towards something exponentially more borderline unachievable. This is the most important milestone to date for SpaceVR and we’re honored to share it with a group of pioneers that have been pushing what’s achievable since before we were born. Let’s launch cool sh*t into space!”

Most recently, SpaceVR raised $1.25 million in outside investment to keep its space-faring dreams alive. The organization is announcing today that it has used that money to, “accelerate the development of the Overview 1 on-board software, begin the development of our content delivery and distribution channels, and invest in a world wide satellite dish ground station communication network.”

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