Sprint Vector PC Closed Beta Kicks Off This Weekend

by David Jagneaux • January 16th, 2018

Starting this Friday, January 19th, the PC closed beta for Survios’ Sprint Vector will officially happen and lasts until January, 28th.

Sprint Vector sort of reminds me of that new food you tried at a restaurant once, unsure if you’d like it, but ended up loving it. In this way it can feel both brand new to your palette, but at the same time feel like it’s always belonged. Like it’s the game that you never knew you wanted.

In a bizarre combination of Mario Kart and Track & Field-esque antics, Sprint Vector is part racing game, part intense cardio workout, and all kinds of ridiculous fun — even if you do look totally silly while playing.

This closed beta period represents the first time the game has been playable with its full complement of eight total players all racing online against one another. The limited demo environments we’ve seen it in thus far have only been with a single player against AI or just a pair of people racing against each other.

Since it’s just a closed beta, players won’t quite have access to the entire game, but it will include plenty of content between the three different maps and tutorial levels, all characters with default skins, all power-ups, two challenge maps, quick play and private lobbies, as well as up to eight player multiplayer during the pre-designated “online” hours listed below for each of the next two weekends:

If you’ve got a Rift or Vive and want to try out the closed beta over the next week or so, you can sign up for a chance right here. We’ll also be holding our own beta code giveaway at UploadVR soon as well.

Let us know what you think of the game from what you’ve seen down in the comments below!

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