Square Enix’s Million Arthur VR Gets Surprise Release On Vive

by Jamie Feltham • October 12th, 2017

Not wanting Oculus to get all the headlines this week, Vive Studios and Square Enix just released the English version of Million Arthur VR.

Developed by Gree, Million Arthur is a Japanese card-based action game that’s previously released on mobile platforms. The VR version of the game is built specifically for headsets and is set in a bizarre universe in which people named Arthur are competing for the throne. You fight giant monsters in turn-based battles, which feature interactive elements like aiming weapons and more.

The game costs $39.99 and is available from Steam.

Okay, so it’s not quite Final Fantasy VR, but it’s encouraging to see names as big as Square Enix jumping into VR. Yesterday, Oculus announced that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment was getting into the industry, too.

What's your reaction?
  • koenshaku

    This game looked pretty bad in the trailer, has anyone checked it out yet?

    • Michael

      I thought the opposite, I quite liked it. lol

  • HybridEnergy

    “that’s previously released on mobile platforms”


  • I’VE BEEN EYEING THIS GAME FOR MONTHS, wanting to play it, but I couldn’t, and then BAM, it shows up yesterday. YUSSS.
    Already purchased. This is the closest thing to a real JRPG on the Vive, so I will take it!


    i been waiting for a JRPG for so long and is REGION LOCK, really? why? i dont even understand, does it have microtransactions or something like that? i really cant understand why the region lock, could anyone explain?