Starbreeze’s Civilian Warfare Experience Hero Debuts On StarVR At Sundance

by Jamie Feltham • January 16th, 2018

The Sundance Film Festival in Utah usually serves as one of the best opportunities to check out creative VR experiences beyond gaming, and it looks like this year will be no different.

For starters, StarVR headset creator Starbreeze this week confirmed that it will be at the festival with a new experience from iNK Stories, the studio behind the cinematic story-based game, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. The pair has teamed up to debut Hero, a large-scale installation that will explore modern era civilian warfare and its effects on humanity.

The piece is an interactive documentary of sorts, taking users on a sensory experience that asks them what they would do in drastic situations. The installation will feature 30 speakers, subwoofers and advanced playback using object-based audio from Xperi.

It will be shown on StarVR, the company’s high-end VR headset that offers 210 degrees field of view (FOV) and 5K resolution via dual 5.5 inch HD panels. This isn’t a consumer-orientated headset, instead focusing on installation-based experiences such as this and IMAX’s VR arcades. It’s something of an odd departure for Starbreeze, which is primarily known for game development and titles like The Darkness.

Expect a worldwide tour of Hero following its showing at Sundance, though the nature of the installation suggests it’s not something we’ll get to see in our own headsets anytime soon.

Sundance kicks off on January 18th and runs through to January 28th. Expect to see more intriguing VR experiences come out off the woodwork within the next few days, then.

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