Starbreeze Studios Is Creating A StarVR Game For The Mummy

by Charles Singletary • June 8th, 2017

In a regularly growing occurrence, another film franchise is getting some VR love. The Mummy, which hits theaters this week, replaces Brendan Fraser with Tom Cruise as Universal Pictures attempts to revive and reboot the series. Indie VR developer Starbreeze Studios is well acquainted with adapting film to a VR gaming experience having done John Wick Chronicles for Lionsgate and they’re delivering the goods with The Mummy Prodigium Strike for the StarVR headset.

In The Mummy there’s an organization called Prodigium and, in this VR game, you play as one of their agents. You’re in a helicopter high above the action defending fellow agents from a collection of creatures as you work to capture The Mummy’s antagonist Ahmanet. Being location-based, the setup will utilize 4D elements to enhance the immersion of the virtual experience as players head to either Hollywood & Highland Center in LA or at an IMAX VR center in Los Angeles and New York City.

“As Universal makes a strategic push into gaming, we felt The Mummy was the perfect place to start,” says Universal’s Executive Vice President of Worldwide Games Chris Heatherly in the press release for the new development. “We worked with the best developers in their fields and took creative risks to imagine exciting new ways for fans to enter the Dark Universe.”

This new experience could lead to even more VR work for Starbreeze Studios and/or other developers, especially when considering Universal is using this as a jumping off point for their connected film world titled the Dark Universe. Over time Dark Universe will be establishing other characters such as Frankenstein and his bride, the Phantom of the Opera, Invisible Man, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and more. If Prodigium Strike catches on, unique experiences for the other properties will be hot commodities and Universal will likely jump at the opportunity.

Fans can experience The Mummy Prodigium Strike with a ticket purchase and they are available now for $15 on location at Hollywood & Highland, and for $12 at IMAX VR locations.

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