Stay Silent Is A Western/Sci-Fi VR Shooter From The Makers Of Nostos, Beta Sign-Ups Launched

by Jamie Feltham • January 22nd, 2019

Cowboys vs Aliens wasn’t even half the movie it should have been. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother looking it up. It’s not a good movie. Anyway, VR might just be able to redeem this promising genre mash-up with Stay Silent.

This is a western shooter in which players are cast as the sheriff of a small town. When an alien invasion threatens to destroy all you know, you take on the hordes. You’ll wield a mix of western firearms and alien technology, including stealth gear to help you get the drop on your foes. Expect the usual mix of VR shootouts hopefully with a few new twists and turns, then.

Stay Silent is developed by NetEase Games, the same company that’s currently working on visually-stunning VR multiplayer game, Nostos. This has also got a multiplayer focus, though can be played in solo mode too. That said we’re not too sure on the game’s structure right now. NetEase hasn’t made it clear if there’s a single-player campaign in place or if solo play is just multiplayer with AI bots.

To that end, there’s going to be a closed beta for the game pretty soon. It’ll run from January 24th – 29th. You can sign up to take place over at the team’s official Discord channel.

We haven’t seen any gameplay yet but we’re sure to get a good feel for the game during the beta. There are a few screenshots showing the environment which are nicely detailed.

Stay Silent will launch ‘in the coming months’ on HTC Vive. No word about official Oculus Rift and Windows VR integration just yet.

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