Steam Is Reportedly Adding ‘1000 New VR Users Every Day’

by Joe Durbin • October 13th, 2016

Today marked the start of Steam Dev Days — a developer-only conference in Seattle — and although press is not allowed on the show floor, some major news has leaked via Twitter updates. Of these limited updates, one stands out as being particularly significant:

According to the above tweet, issued by a developer attending the conference, Steam is adding 1,000 new VR users each and every day on its Steam software distribution platform. This is major news for the immersive industry as actual numbers concerning the growth of its market are being played very close to the chest by the major headset manufacturers.

1,000 new VR users every day seems like a huge proclamation, but the terminology here is ambiguous at best. What exactly a “VR user” is remains unclear. Are these people with the Valve-created Vive VR headset? Or are these users that also enjoy their experiences on its competitor, the Oculus Rift? It’s probably both, since both are compatible with Steam.

The complex analytics of Steam could demand an entire post on its own, but the bottom line is that the VR scene is growing. The most important word in these tweets is “new.” New users are coming into the ecosystem every 24 hours, according to Valve, and that should be an encouraging sign to those watching this industry.

A second tweet from the conference confirms the first’s content while also providing another nugget of information.

Reportedly, Steam now has at least 600 VR apps on the platform. This edges just past Oculus, which announced that its platform, the Oculus Store, has “500+” experiences at Oculus Connect 3 just last week.

It was never really a question on whether or not VR would become popular, just how long it would take. And if Valve’s data is any indication, that mass-adoption is coming sooner rather than later.

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  • Pistol Pete

    Great news for both Vive & Rift. So let’s not turn this thread into another fanboy argument fest. 👍🏼

    • DougP

      Re: “Great news for both Vive & Rift.”
      Since we don’t know how many Vive vs Rift users in that “1000 being added every month”…. Might be more *accurate* to say –
      “Great news for VR!”

      IF you want to introduce Vive/Rift into your comment about it being “great news” for the respective HMD, you’d need to know the actual numbers.
      AND – IF…. the 1000 is people with a headset – knowing if Oculus Home is “adding 500 users” would let us know it’s about even on growth.

  • wheeler

    Great, now we just need HTC (or another competitor using Valve’s tech) to announce a major price drop for the holidays.

  • Michael Davidson

    This is great news; however, I would love to know if this is a rising trend or literally “just” a 1,000 a day. Remember a 1,000 a day is “only” 365,000 in 1 year. There has to be better market penetration than that. This number needs to start converging on 1,000,000 installed headsets as soon as possible.

    • LIV

      V2 of the HMD will get there much faster.

  • Simon St-Gelais

    J’ai Oculus Rift et je joue sur la plate forme Steam 😉

    • Did your cat accidentally roam over your keyboard?

      • Simon St-Gelais

        Google Traduction : I Oculus Rift and I play on Steam platform;)

        • Sean Owen Birch

          J’ai pensé que google fait une meilleur traduction que ça. Pourquoi “Traduction”,”ai” et “la” ne sont pas traduit?

      • LIV

        We call this a different language.

  • RoJoyInc

    I prefer quality over quantity. From what I’ve seen with my VIVE is that Oculus has better software for the Rift. With some of the best yet to come. BattleZone for example.

  • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

    1 concern though : a headset sold 2 times on Ebay or such : wouldn’t it count as 3 different users, for a single headset ? And a 4 persons household with 4 steam accounts ?
    It was the same with Gear VR, that claimed 1 million users, doesn’t mean 1 million headset, far from it.

  • kgbme

    You know, it’s funny: any which way you look at it. Besides the whole “VR” being ridiculous, just one simple example could be Android games…

    Someone playing with screen controls doesn’t stand a chance vs. anyone with a controller plugged in, or connected. In the same way, someone virtualizing Android on a computer and using a keyboard and mouse will wreck them easily.

    Something like drone flying is excellent with a camera headset, however there can’t be much else..:)

    People buying “VR” computers and all this hype of new, new, new and improved… I mean, as the saying goes: ‘There’s a sucker born every minute’. xD