Steam Goes Down For A Bit During The Winter Sale

by Charles Singletary • December 23rd, 2016
Wallets rejoice!

In a stroke of luck for our collective bank accounts and wallets, but bad luck for developers and those wishing to empty their wallets, it seems like Steam went down for a while today during their massive Winter Sale. Steam sales have become major events within the gaming community and VR consumers were likely looking forward to padding their virtual reality experience library, but everyone will have to wait a little while until things are completely in order again. Even developers themselves had to take a break as it seems the dev back end went down as well.

Yesterday, we wrote up some of the highlights of the Steam Winter Sale and declared that there were discounts for more VR games than you could ever play, though I’m sure many of you would challenge that notion. There are over 400 experiences discounted on the Steam store and there are some specific highlights that the UploadVR family think you should try. DiRT Rally ($23.99, which comes in a great deal cheaper than the Oculus sale), Project CARS ($9.89), and Tilt Brush ($20.99) all got discounts. ARK: Survival Evolved also received a 60% discount down to $11.99 and is one of the most intriguing Early Access VR prospects currently.

Steam is back up for the most part now it looks like, but some of the pages are still having trouble loading. It will likely be improving intermittently throughout the day unless a swath of people open up their gifted Steam cards and crash things again. We should all fully expect that to happen over the holiday weekend.

For the time being, feel free to jump on over to the Oculus Winter Sale and check out some of the bundles in addition to the individual price cuts including The Climb, Chronos, SUPERHOT VR, and a handful more. You can see all of the 400+ VR deals here. Let us know your favorite steals from both sales, share the wealth with your fellow VR gamers, and stay tuned to UploadVR for more sale updates as they come in.

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