SteamVR Running On Linux Could Open Up VR To More PCs

by Ian Hamilton • October 12th, 2016

Reports from people at Steam Dev Days indicate Valve Software may have made some progress bringing SteamVR to Linux, suggesting the private company is getting serious about supporting a wider range of PCs with its VR platform.

Linux is also what SteamOS and its Steam Machines are built on, meaning robust support for Linux with SteamVR could also be a step toward Valve offering a kind of simplified PC that’s a bit more like a game console running SteamVR.

Currently the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift only work on Windows machines. Most frequently, those headsets access software released either through the Steam or Oculus store on a Windows machine. But it’s possible that, built on the open source core of Linux, VR might be able to get a fresh (and cheaper) start without a Windows license being attached to the cost of every VR computer.

Valve did not allow press at its Steam Dev Days, so we are still trying to nail down more concrete plans from the company from sources at the event.

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