Stephen Colbert tries the Gear VR on the Late Show

by Will Mason • October 1st, 2015

Stephen Colbert has long been a fan of technology. Back on his days on the Colbert report he would gleefully and humorously plug Apple products so they would “send [him] free stuff,” and since starting as the host of The Late Show Colbert’s guests have included multiple tech company CEOs including Elon Musk and Evan Spiegal. But last night’s episode was especially awesome for the VR community, as he gave VR the famous ‘Colbert Bump.’

In the bit Colbert tries out NextVR’s recorded stream of the Republican national debate earlier last month. The appearance wasn’t without humor, as Colbert spent the majority of the bit making fun of the idea that you would use VR to watch a televised debate from the crowd’s perspective; but all press is good press and the overall result of this was pretty great for the industry.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is currently crushing the late night ratings, with the recent debut racking in 6.6 million viewers. Thats a lot of potential people who just got exposed to the Gear VR, just ahead of its launch.

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