STRAFE Releases “Big Beefy Update” to Speed Run

by Will Mason • April 2nd, 2015

The always loquacious developers at Pixel Titans have decided to say “Fuck it” and release a massive update to their super early “Speed Run” of STRAFE. According to the update, the team has “spent the last month prioritizing our work for STRAFE® that [they] could transfer over to the SPEED ZONE to craft a better experience.” Speed Zone V2 comes with a large number of big upgrades over the previous version, which “was incomplete, broken and not as baller as it could be.”

Blasting your way through the Speed Run is a blast in VR

Blasting your way through the Speed Run is a blast in VR

Among the major changes coming with this update are updated weapons, strafe jumping (because if you’re going to call your game STRAFE you better be able to strafe any damn way you want), rocket jumping (with the rocket boots power up). Additionally you will now be able to see where you stack up against the professional speed runners that inevitably will rush to fill the top spots on the games global scoreboard. (As a side note, on the original release Pixel Titans had to reset the scores because some professionals came in with times utterly out of reach and filled up the board.)

In addition to the update, Pixel Titans is going to be holding a contest to see who can get the best scores on the run in the first week of the release. The prizes are pretty damn priceless, with the two people holding the fastest times on the board will receive one of the epic denim jackets worn by the Pixel Titans team at GDC.


That epic 90’s swag


The update comes one the back of an amazing response from the community in the final hours of the Kickstarter, pushing it over its funding goal. According to the update, 25,000 people downloaded the demo within first week and that they are still seeing over 3,000 people playing daily. Those numbers were enough to encourage the team to push out the update that we received today.

Down to get some bloody good mid-90s gaming action in VR? Be sure to download Speed Run V2 here.



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