Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated In AR By HoloLens Developer

by Ian Hamilton • June 21st, 2017

This is so cool.

Developer Abhishek Singh recreated a life size Super Mario Bros. level and played it wearing HoloLens in New York’s Central Park. He did this all dressed as Mario and he filmed it in a video that is very likely destined to go viral. Be sure to watch through to when the holes open up in the ground.

The project was made in development toolset Unity. Singh put it together over the course of about a month.

“I also had to model all the assets and elements of the game and at times rethink the experience and gameplay to work in a real-world 3D setting. The most time was probably spent on tweaking the game to work in a large outdoor environment,” Singh wrote in an email to UploadVR. “It still has a few quirks but is definitely playable. The final level was more than 110m long!”

Singh is 28 and says he graduated last year from the Interactive Telecommunications Program, a graduate school at NYU, and he’s currently doing a one year residency there. More of his work can be found at

“In Mario since all the action tends to start happening further out in front of you, I didn’t find the limited field of view to be a hindrance,” Singh wrote of the HoloLens. “However I did find that if people aren’t familiar with the level they might miss a few things.”

Here’s Singh explaining how he made it:

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  • Ethan Newman


  • Nosfar

    never really considered AR a contender till this moment, Well played

  • Considering all problems that HoloLens have, I can only imagine the compromises that this game makes. Only headset pose is tracked, so all jumps for instance can only consider that.
    I wonder how did he record everything. I’ve always recorded HoloLens using the companion app on a PC on the same subnet of the HL…

    • He probably had a portable hotspot from a phone carrier connecting multiple devices? That’s my best guess at least.

  • MowTin

    This is so cool.

  • Mat Dub

    Dont get wrong , it is impressive and it looks cool. Just like vr and the motion gaming of the wii, it still seems a bit gimmicky. They are all fun,and this looks fun, but i still dont see myself playing for hours at stretch like i do with my ps4.