Super Mario Odyssey’s Iconic Castle Rebuilt In VR By A Fan

by Jamie Feltham • January 4th, 2018

Having paid tribute to both Sonic and Halo in VR, fan developer NimSony is back with his latest project, tipping his hat to the excellent Super Mario Odyssey.

In the video below, NimSony shows off Peach’s Castle as seen in last year’s platformer (but also strikingly similar to the classic Super Mario 64). The entire thing has been remade by the developer within VR, though it’s early days. As the developer states in the video, the environment has been made to showcase its Walkomotion locomotion system, which moves players within VR by running on the spot.

The developer intends to upgrade the system, though, to incorporate Mario’s entire move set. That means jumps, wall-jumps and more will be on the table, which sounds pretty ambitious.

As for the demo itself, you can expect it to release for free ‘very soon’. It will only be a short piece and not a full game (Nintendo might take issue with that).

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  • Nimso Ny

    Big thanks to UploadVR again for showcasing even more of my work.

    This project isn’t actually about showing Walk-O-Motion it’s literally just for fun.

    I add Walk-O-Motion to all my projects because I’ve built it to be super easy to add, no hassle it just works.

    With this project I decided to go a bit further than my usual forward moving world like I did with SMB and Sonic… This time it’s a full recreation of the area, with plenty of random things around.

    I wanted to really see what is possible with VR, can we really have the kind of movement that we have in a platformer, especially one with a complex moveset like Mario’s… So you’ll be able to do different types of jumps and flips, wall kick, pound the ground, climb trees, punch goombas and blocks, even take your cap and throw it.

    There’s a few secret things I’m adding that I won’t be mentioning until much later.

    I can only hope that Nintendo isn’t unhappy with this, I’d like to repeat this is not a remake of any game, it is just a little sandbox area to play about in for fun, experiencing the feel of being mario!