Superhot VR Hits HTC Vive This Thursday

by David Jagneaux • May 22nd, 2017

Vive owners — rejoice! The teasing is over as one of the absolute best Oculus Rift with Touch games we’ve seen so far is finally releasing on the HTC Vive through Steam this Thursday, May 25th. The standard price of Superhot VR is $24.99 but it will only cost $19.99 during the first week of release.

And to make the launch even sweeter, if you already own the original non-VR game, Superhot, then you get a discount on top of the launch week discount as well.

In Superhot VR time only moves when you do. That means that if you stand perfectly still then all of the bullets, bodies, and debris in the air freeze and nothing starts moving again until you do. It creates a wonderful feeling of power in that you control all of time and space with your body movements and turns what otherwise looks like a relatively low-poly action game into one of the most inventive, unique, and cerebral puzzle games we’ve ever seen.

You can read more about the game in our full review and our assessment of the Forever Update that released after the game’s initial launch.

Will you be picking up Superhot VR on Vive this week? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • iUserProfile

    Now bring it to PSVR please!

  • Hone McBone

    I held off playing this on the hopes that it’d come officially to Vive, glad that waiting paid off.

    • Crunchy005

      Eh, worked flawlessly on revive for me. Already played through multiple times.

      • Hone McBone

        I used revive for Project Cars before it had support and Dirt Rally, it worked ok in both cases but did work better in Project Cars with official support. I’m fine with waiting & not giving money to Oculus.

  • CodeMonkey432

    I won’t give them any money until they fix…I mean ADD…. key binding in the regular Super Hot game.

  • Selig

    Too bad I already bought it using revive, oh well

  • Oren Ben Jacob

    I don’t understand what’s the big fuss is about? You can already play it using Revive… yeah that means you support oculusfacebook but still it’s playable on the VIVE this way…
    Is there any new content that comes with the official vive support? if not I don’t see the point rather than it’s an “official” support and the developers will get more support.